Sunday Soul – Sweet Impatience – November 15th 2009

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now (finally!)

    Join us!

  2. oh my stars I needed that so bad…

    thank you for listening!

  3. Last night’s broadcast was right on time. After a difficult week of retreat, I stepped up to my mixer with my heart wide open. I wanted to sketch a set that might reassure us, something to ease your mind about time, goals, hopes, dreams, and the contents of our hearts which seem to take so long that so many of my beloved friends just seem to pack up their things and give up. I wanted to whisper sweetly into your ear “don’t give up.”

    I went out to Back 2 Back on saturday night and danced wildly to Thomas’ set. It’s been so long since Garth, Jenö and Thomas were all in the same room that it was a real thrill. Thomas, ever the cave man, blew the system more than twice, Manny and I tried to help the sound man get things up and running, but he had no idea who we were and so we settled for moving the speakers, creating space and air flow, and got back to dancing. I saw faces I’ve known since the very first Wicked, and a flow of freaks that much too rarely gather these days. It was sweet, fun, silly, dark, and absolutely perfect.

    With this light heart, I opened my record crate and gently told the hard truth, and brutally made the softest love to you I can. The journey went on a couple hours longer than I planned, and I didn’t say anything I’d expected to say. Instead I found myself soaking wet with sweat, a huge grin on my face, and sweet, sweet house music teaing the limitations right off of me, blowing your mind at 117 bpm.

    It’s amazing to me, just when I feel like giving up — packing up my difficult tempos, and beautiful electronic music, and heading for the nearest job fair, the river shifts, the goddess appears, and I am reborn with a clarity, and a graditude which allows me to open up my mighty heart just a little bit wider. I seem to spend so much time protecting myself from the mistakes I have made, over and over, and wanting it to be sweet, and kind, and gentle this time — afraid it’s going to hurt more than I can bear — but when the moment comes, and I step into it, it doesn’t hurt at all.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Sweet Impatience:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Saturn Strobe – Pantha Du Prince
    3. La Vie Moderne – Logo
    * there’s no more time
    4. Deep Beginning – Karol XVII
    5. Fantasy – Domu Remix Instrumental – Atjazz
    6. Radiotaxi – Matias Aguayo
    * let it be now
    7. Goodnight Tonight – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Wings
    8. Soultrippin’ – Duel’s Jubilee Remix – Duel
    * kissing Kristopher Muse goodnight
    9. Beautiful Connection – Frank Solano
    10. Highway To Saturn – D-Pulse
    11. Nothing But love- Vocal Mix – Onionz featurig Snow
    12. The Wildstyle – 12″ Dub Mix – Time Zone
    13. Still Going Theme – Still Going
    * love is like a boulder in a stream
    14. Zumbi – Isoul8 Remix – Frankie Valentine
    * how often i seem to repeat myself
    15. Brown Eyes – Maulongated Version – Fleetwood Mac
    16. Take My Breath Away – Gui Boratto
    * syntax
    17. Cube – Move D
    * i can already taste you in my mouth
    18. The Rhythm Track – Jimpster Remix – Milton Jackson
    19. Pryda – Odyssey – Pryda
    20. Dream Machine – Spirit Catcher
    21. Movin on – Lexx
    22. Listen – Pawel Kobak
    * come forward and grow
    23. Deliverance – Ocean Gaya
    24. Hanabi – Hideo Kobayashi
    25. Mine To Give – Photek
    26. Why Don’t You Answer – SirBilly Edit – Eberhard Schoener
    27. Depth – Deeper Mix – Deep 6 Syndicate
    * sometimes my heart just comes undone (what fun)
    28. Stronger We Are – Addex
    29. The Voyage – Tiger Stripes
    30. Flying Nightmare – Acos Coolkas Version – Space
    31. Don’t Stop – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Ish
    32. Home At The Sea – Sarrass
    33. Love To The World feat. Blaze – Rufuss Remix – Sven Love
    34. Intro – The Club Project
    35. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    36. I Want To Thank You – Alicia Myers
    37. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 55 Minutes 33 Seconds
    * performed live

    This has been such a turbulent time. Undue hassle, tussle, stress and strain. Sometimes I feel like I am completely alone in this world, other times I feel so crowded that I can’t find a moment’s refuge, or a minute to think straight. I had no idea how much I needed this show, or to return with all of me to my treehouse and connect with you so deeply.

    I swear to god I’ll never be able to repay the debt I feel I owe you. I needed you, I called to the heavens for you, and the universe heard me, it sent you.

    Thank you.

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