Sunday Soul – swailing fires – November 21st 2010

making room for new growth
acceptance, tolerance, kindness
& love

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now
    Bring your bonfires and join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    what an absolutely beautiful bonfire we built tonight!

    thank you for listening.

    I will be in new york city next sunday, and so there won’t be a broadcast next week, but i’ll be back in two weeks with something special to make up for it.

    i love you


  3. Sunshine:

    Noted philosopher, and the father of alchemical psychology Carl Jung said,” A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.” If given a choice between building a bonfire and feeling the flames against my face, and pretending that everything is just “fine” and I’m absolutely normal and just like everyone else I don’t think there actually is a choice. The lies that there is any such thing as “normal” or that “everyone” does anything or what anyone else does has any bearing on me or my spiritual, emotional, and physical condition are absurd. So do I hold on and hope for spring, or shall we carry our hope chests full of the past and build a glorious pile of everything I am, everything I have been, everything I’ve hoped to be, all that I’m afraid of, all the ways I cut myself off from the universe, all the ways I make myself small, and light it up into a glorious fire?

    Yes. Let’s.

    The practice of swailing is one of setting fire to the old growth in our landscape. It seems violent and dangerous. But in order to foster and nourish new growth it is essential that we take the time and make the space for anything new to happen. It happens in nature all the time, yet I find that I would carry my arcane and very heavy hope chest with me into the sea until I can not longer see the surface. And what I hoped was my true path, my purpose, everything good about me, turns out to be an anchor, or an anvil which serves me not. And so I cast every last one of your love letters, all of my ideas, and the last of my dreams into the bonfire so swail my own heart, and make room for new growth. Something which is badly needed. something I am deeply thirsty for.

    And so without too much alliteration, or too many diatribes I endeavored to do exactly that last night. Turn out was humble, but listenership was good and strong and steady. I took the low motion path, and used force rather than tempo to express myself, as has been my style lately, and tried to be as honest and fearless as I can be. We whispered sweet words of communion, encouragement, love, lust, and light until the wee hours. It was a full fledged four hour plus set, and I gave it everything I have.

    We may never actually “pass through” these fires. We may not survive. But the journey is indeed the point… destination be damned.

    Here is the track list for Sunday Soul – swailing fires:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Who By Fire – Leonard Cohen
    3. Underwater Erotic – Mics Dive Mix – Microstar
    * gather your hearts
    4. Muskrat Love edit – America
    5. Up – Nicholas remix – Mario Basanov
    6. Don’t Talk – Bonus Digital – Italoboyz
    7. Son of Raw – Dennis Ferrer
    8. The Rose – The Laughing Light of Plenty
    9. Secret Fire – The Peaking Goddess Collective
    10. Crash – Space System
    11. Dub Is For Real – Maddslinky feat Mr Scruff
    12. A Step Closer – Space System
    * fuel the fires
    13. Unknown – Woolfy
    14. The Sun And The Rainfall – Depeche Mode
    15. Rouge – Frontera
    * burn it all down
    16. Rodando a Carmen – LSB
    * kissing your eyes as the flames rise
    17. Love Someone – Robert Owens
    18. Take My Breath Away – Gui Boratto
    * wake up in flames
    19. Love Someone – Mario Basanov & Vidis Instrumental – Atjazz feat. Robert Owens
    20. Fill up my heart – Sunshine Jones
    21. World Of Fantasies – Edmund
    22. Say My Name – Holy Ghost!
    23. Dream Machine – Spirit Catcher
    * we are dissolved into thin air
    24. Omega – Hiroshi Watanabe
    * Way past the stars
    25. Pacific Air Race – Aeroplane
    26. Bachelet – Sonda
    * burning slowly
    27. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight – stereodiskoe remix – Genesis
    * so close
    28. In A While / The Voice From Planet Love – Dixon Edit – Precious System
    * when my heart opens
    29. The Sun – Sunshine Jones DLAMB Rework – Heatmerchantz
    30. Nuclear Green Treatment – Harnessnoise
    31. Drop your Pants – Microstar
    32. Hang Around – Wahoo Main Mix – Ben Westbeech
    33. Back To The Future – Kool DJ Dust
    * i love kissing you
    34. North East – El Carlitto
    * going down on you
    35. Mundo Estatico – Marco Da Mata, Satine Collectif
    * I can’t feel my face
    36. Free Flight – The Acos Coolkas Synth Touch Mix – Acos Coolkas
    * just let it all come down
    37. Pantha du Prince – Asha
    * like shooting stars
    38. Self Control – Bottin Edit – Raf
    39. Maja – Dub Mix – Cantoma
    * after we are ashes and the last of the smoke has risen into the morning sky
    40. Snoretex – Strange Aeons
    * last glowing embers
    41. Firefly – Rena Jones
    * I am devoted to your humanity
    42. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    43. Photographic – Some Bizarre Version – Depeche Mode
    44. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 01 Minutes 21 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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    Thank you for listening,
    I’ll be in New York City this coming weekend, so there will be no broadcast next sunday night, as I’ll be on an airplane at 10pm pacific time and currently you still can’t transmit from an aircraft. Soon maybe, but not yet. I’ll be back in two weeks with something very special to make up for it. See you then.