Sunday Soul Special – Live DJ Mix – Music To Roll With…

Oh hey,
Happy Sunday. It’s been a minute, but last night I put a little mix together for love. I didn’t hate it, so I thought I’d post it up as a Sunday Soul Special!

Get over to and give it a spin.

I hope this totally surprised you and made you really happy.


  1. Christopher Frame:

    And just like that…I was done watching reruns of Cheers.

  2. Gino Gabriele:

    Love this, thank you sunshine.. chuk, keith and i are listening to this on our way back home from a quick trip to NYC, this is a treat, you gotta make more mixes when you can ♥

  3. Sophia Quinonez Pena:

    Thank you kindly good sir ♥

  4. Emily Wessel:

    It’s sooooo good :) I especially love the disclaimer at the bottom ♥

  5. Julia Jennings:

    I jammed out thanks for the treat I love you

  6. Joy Meacham:

    Yes, you are always missed my friend

  7. Jonathan Condit:

    This is just what my ears need after 4 hours of being plugged into my Elektron machines.
    I’m working on my set, too. Thank you Sunshine, you continue to inspire.

  8. Apollo Lee:

    Wonderful. Thank you so much ♥

  9. Chuk Aubrey:

    So fucking good, thank you for sharing Sunshine Jones.
    Love ya mate!