Sunday Soul: Soñando Contigo: July 6th 2008

Dreaming of you

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Journey to at 10pm pacific time and click the big huge play button.
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See you in my dreams



  1. Sunday Soul is live now!

  2. oh my… what fun!!!!

    thank you.


  3. Damn that was fun! Loved and loose, just the way I like it. A great turn out tonight. Good heads, great friends, and a little confusion between Sheila E. and Sheena Easton (I’m sure the purple one had the same problem all the time.) We started off a little rushed and crazy, but it came together quickly. I sang a lot in the middle, and got sweaty and really rocked out with everyone toward the end. The theme for tonight’s broadcast means “Deraming of you” in Spanish. It is a song title of a fantastic track by Kiko Navarro. I’ve played this song for years in my DJ set, and recently had the opportunity to remix it. My new extended remix is featured twice in the set… I love it, and everyone in the chat cheered me on. Hope you don’t mind hearing it twice in the mix.

    Here’s the tracklisting from Sunday Soul: Soñando Contigo:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Robot Dreams – Coax – Kahvi Collective
    3. Daisyis Dream – DK Production – Giant and Dwarf Records
    4. Limitations – Lindstrom – Feedelity Recordings
    5. Don’t Leave me – Franck Roger – Earthrumental Music
    6. Natural Deep – Herb Lf Remix – Jesus Gonsev
    7. Alpha Storm – An-2 Remix – Samos
    8. Bonaire – Al Usher Remix – Dutch Rhythm Combo
    9. Suoivegan Mamadoo – Mari Boine
    10. Dreams – Federico Epis – Frisky Records
    11. Omega – Hiroshi Watanabe – Klik Records
    12. Daydreams – The Messenger – Night Drive Music
    13. Dreaming Of You – A Fish Called Christopher – Motswako Underground
    14. So̱ando Contigo РSunshine Jones Extended Remix РKiko Navarro
    15. Yuki – Hideo Kobayashi
    16. Love Someone – Mario Basanov & Vidis Inst. – Atjazz feat. Robert Owens – Mantis Recordings
    17. My Love – JedSet Hearts The Soul Instrumental Mix – Audio Affinity – SoulHeat Records
    18. The absurdity of possession – Sunshine Jones
    19. Bachelet – Sonda – Heartbeat Revolutions
    20. The Secret Field – Todd Tejre Remix – Kaoru Inoue
    21. Song For Marie And Elise – Aeroplane Remix – Lullabies In The Dark – Permanent Vacation
    22. Boutade – Miseridub – Mugwump – Misericord
    23. Easy Fever – Dizzy Remix – Moonraker – Inuendo
    24. For You To See feat. Masaya – Tiger Stripes Remix Dub – Markus Enochson – Sonar Kollektiv
    25. I’m Not Blade Runner – Marcello Giordani – Mule Musiq
    26. North East – El Carlitto – Red Factory Recordings
    27. So̱ando Contigo РSunshine Jones Extended Remix РKiko Navarro
    28. Ork – R.T.A. – Blue Bass Records
    29. Gemuse – Guy Pary – Mentality
    30. Discomachine – Lifelike – Different
    31. An English ’93 – International Music System
    32. Indulgements – Original Mix – The Persuader
    33. Love To The World feat. Blaze – Rufuss Remix – Sven Love – KIF
    34. Saffron Dreams – Prem Joshua
    35. Omura – Track53
    36. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    37. Got love on my mind – Ambient Mix – Freemasons
    38. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 3 hours 35 minutes 11 seconds

    the archive is posted up now in the footer of the bulliten board at Treehouse Muzique. You can stream it, open it up and listen in a new window, or just download it and stuff it into your iPod for a party at the beach, or only in your mind.

    Also, there is a collection of selected archives available over at and you can stream, float, or download them as well. You can also make a donation to help keep sunday soul hassle free.



  4. cosmicdakini:

    beautiful session of sundaysoul, i don’t know which one i like the most, if the latest of “rythm of my heart” or this one!

    thanks for such a lovely sound experienc…


  5. I loved that one too.
    I added it to the selected archives at

    Looking forward to this sunday!