Sunday Soul: sois libre et ne cache pas rien: May 3rd 2009

” … and i killed the captain
— sank the fleet —
to liberate your heart beat,
baby… “


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  1. sunday soul is live now!

    join us!

  2. thank you for listening.

    good night!

  3. Last night’s transmission was a messy, beautiful, deep, dark example of what I love most about house music. I got intimate, preachy, personal, angry, sexy, laughed a lot, and danced my ass off. The theme comes from a sarcastic poster in honor of May Day from the late 1960’s where the antagonistic author asks the youth of pre ’68 france to “sois jeune et tais toi” or be young and keep quiet. In honor of spring’s arrival, and in the spirit of May Day’s worker’s revolutionary intentions I wanted to speak clearly, and without the sarcasm. So the theme translates to “Be free, and hide nothing.” I did my best to consider these ideas in my selections, singing, and storytelling too.

    Attendance was lovely, the chat flew away from me, and aside form teasing Brady about his uncanny ability to spot a track, and announce it and my own resistance to that sort of pressure (because playing to the know-it-alls is about as much fun as playing cassette single hits on a synchro-dubbing deck at a wedding reception in Milpetas,) I greeted everyone I could, and just focused on what I was doing. I emerged moved, and sweaty, smiling, and free.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – sois libre et ne cache pas rien:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Boum – Charles Trenet
    * introduction
    3. 1984 – Lovefingers Mix – John Martyn
    * translation
    4. Back to my roots – Richie Havens
    5. The Lift pt. 1 – Lance Desardi Remix – J & S Productions
    * be free, and hide nothing
    6. The Message Is Love – The Message Is Club Mix – Arthur Baker
    * mother earth – ammunition tidare
    7. Roses – Bangana Remix – Clarisse Muvemba
    * to the stars…
    * mysterious travelers from the other side of the fire
    8. Forever More – Francois Kevorkian Vocal Mix – Moloko
    9. Closer To You – Ryan Loader
    * get closer
    10. Love’s Theme – Rosa Garcia
    11. No Way Back – Pop Del Arte
    12. Walk So Lonely – St Germain-en-Laye
    13. It Shows – Sexy Sax Dub – Dewayne Davis
    14. Midnight Man – Flash & The Pan
    15. I wanna kiss you all over – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Exile
    16. Rawsome – Franck Roger
    * where is your mind, and what have you done with my heart?
    * if you’re wearing orange underpants underneath your chaps, please remove them now
    17. Outer Limits – Murk
    18. Bachelet – Original Mix – Sonda
    * welcome home
    19. Rise – Sunshine Re Edit – Herb Alpert *
    20. Frankfurt – Original Mix – Pryda
    21. Kadena – Kawabata
    * Secret Love
    22. dirtylove (rough and long mix) – Sunshine Jones *
    23. I See A Different You – Beanfield Remix – Koop
    24. Still Going Theme – Still Going
    25. Here’s To You – Re-Edit – Skyy
    26. I Want You – Breakdown Mix – Marvin Gaye
    27. Street Life – Randy Crawford
    28. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    29. You Got The Love – Eren’s Bootleg Mix – The Source
    30. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 17 Minutes 18 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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