Sunday Soul – Sneaky Techno – October 25th 2009

Sunday Soul is now a weekly event in San Francisco Now you can get down with us in real life!

This week’s theme: Sneaky Techno

This week featuring our very special guest Jason Williams
Velocette, Parallel Recordings, Reflective Records

Gather at 8pm for a sneaky little pot luck meal
if you would like to bring something, think synthetic pleasures, secret ingredients, wild, hidden flavors, and the beauty of repetition…
Please let us know and we’ll make space at the table for your dish.
Come early and eat. Hang out with us!

Our Forum begins at 9pm with this week’s special guest Jason Williams will join us in conversation and a demonstration of the art of techno, electronic music and a peek into his unusual world.

and at 10pm we’ll dance with Sunshine Jones’ and Jason Williams.

Space Gallery is located at 1141 Polk Street in beautiful San Francisco
There is a requested donation of $5 to get in and you should have an id that says you are at least 21 years old.

If you don’t live in San Francisco you can still listen on

To Listen:
At 10pm in San Francisco (which is 1 am in Manhattan, and a sleepy 6 am in London) you can head over to and click the big play button.

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We get together in the chat at 90hz. We are a tight group of friends, we talk seriously, and freely. It’s nice if you’re up for that. It might be weird if you’re not.

To join in the dialog, sign up for the 90hz forum and then click the “chat” link from anywhere on and come on in.

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now!

  2. oooh pretty!

    thank you for listening.

  3. Last night’s broadcast was good times. It felt so good to get together with one of my dearest friends and talk a while, and let him share his process with us in person. Jason Williams is my blood relative, my true friend, and comrade. We have a long an rich history together, and it felt really good to find myself across a table from him, in discussion about terms, labels, intentions, process, and music in general. What was even better than that was mixing music with him, and delighting in how oddly similar we are in such very different ways.

    The night itself was lightly attended, which has me thinking again about why I’m asking so many people to pour their hearts into an event which isn’t met with any warmth or reciprocation. Personally I can’t tell if our desire for community is a dream which has come and gone, or we’ve just been so slack and taken so long to collect our thoughts (don’t i mean my thoughts?) that we’re really just back to square one and people have no idea what it means to gather, get together, get down, and really let go in a humble, intimate, and personal way? These are the things I think about in the rain, and after the sun goes down. Leave it to me, don’t worry yourself with such things.

    The forum was sweet, and Corbin out did himself again with his beautiful lights. Jason had never used Traktor before, but he jumped right in with both feet. Jonah Sharp showed up, and our regular collection of friends and family were there dancing, laughing and loving with us. The music was nothing like I’d expected. I was thinking minimal, techno, and odd rhythms with swimming overtones. Instead we played a strange mosaic of tracks, and they blended together just right. The feeling came across more underwater-like than I would have ever guessed for a Sunshine Jones – Jason Williams set at 122 bpm. Impressive, surprising, and unique.

    Thank you for all that you do. I love you.

    Here is the track list for Sunday Soul – Sneaky Techno featuring Sunshine Jones and Jason Williams:

    dinner music – not archived:
    1. E2-E4 РManuel G̦ttsching

    the archive:
    1. Sunday Soul –
    2. 54B – Mudd
    3. For The Time Being feat. Erlend Oye – Phonique
    4. Funk 005 (Drive) (Francisco Mix) – Raiders of the Lost Arp

    Jason Williams
    5. The Washing Machine – Freaks
    6. First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love – Georgio Moroder
    7. Baby Judy – Dan Bell
    8. Home Computer – Kraftwerk

    9. EP#5 – Quentin Harris
    10. The Punisher – Zen-Kei
    11. Son of Raw – Dennis Ferrer
    12. Enhancing – Jeff Bennett

    Jason Williams
    13. Detroit – Morgan Geist
    14. Stumm – Velocette
    15. Mine to give – Photek
    16. Moskow Diskow – Carl Craig Remix – Telex
    17. Problems D’Amour – Alexander Robotnik

    18. Love Hurts – Cats n Dogz Emo Clubbing Remix – Florian Kruse
    19. North East – Original Mix – El Carlitto
    * making love with A
    20. Love Someone (Mario Basanov & Vidis Inst.) – Atjazz feat. Robert Owens
    21. My Reflection feat. Divine Essence – Deetron Remix – Osunlade
    22. Minion – Instrumental Mix – Shik Stylko

    Jason Williams
    23. Nlogax – Boards of Canada
    24. The Creeps – Freaks
    25. Flying Saucer – Dan Bell
    26. Taste Not Waste – Losoul

    15. Space Carnival – Global Communication’s Remix – Azymuth
    16. Sunlight On My Face – Sunshine Jones *
    17. Jupiter Calling – Original Mix – Thomas Schwartz
    18. Sunday Soul –
    19. Dreaming – Rainbow Team
    20. Sunday Soul –

    Total Running Time: 02 Hours 35 Minutes 05 Seconds
    * performed live

    Listen to the Archive:
    The archive for this broadcast is posted now for your pleasure both in the bottom of the community page at — my little tiny record label — as well as in the footer of — the home page of this broadcast — There you can stream the transmission again, or download it for your iPod if you like.

    This archive will remain posted for a week, or until a new program archive replaces it (whichever comes first.) If you want to listen to more archives, visit and click on the “selected archives” link for something like 500 hours of archival sunday soul broadcasting.

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    Sunday Soul San Francisco:
    Sunday Soul broadcasts live from SPACE GALLERY ever week in San Francisco.

    We gather at 8pm for some food and conversation. It’s pot luck, and theme based, so if you’d like to bring some food please contact us.
    at 9pm our guest will begin a forum on the week’s theme
    and the dancing begins at 10pm

    Space Gallery is located at 1141 Polk Street
    Admission is a $5 donation
    and it’s 21 + with ID please.

    Thank you for listening. See you next week!