Sunday Soul – Saudade – sa.u’da.d(g)i – October 3rd 2010

” Do you ever wonder
More than words can say
Heaven knows it’s hard enough to pray
Let me tell you something
There’s a change in me
Even though you’re gone you’ll always be
My only love… “

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  1. Sunshine:

    sunday soul is live now!
    Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    spoke too soon… the shoutcast server is down tonight. So I’m hanging around to see if they get it situated. Hold tight. Let’s see what happens.

  3. Sunshine:

    patience is a virtue indeed: Sunday Soul – Saudade – Live now on – Ignore the warning – Join us!

  4. Sunshine:

    all done for this week… i love you. good night!

  5. Sunshine:

    Bryan Ferry – of Roxy Music and arguably even more important solo endeavors – writes in his first post Roxy album “Mama says truth is all that matters. Lying and deceiving is a sin. Drifting through a world torn and tattered. Every thought I have don’t mean a thing.” I remember the women who saved my life more than once laughing at album covers of Roxy Music in the late 70’s because they typically hosted model-ish looking women and they felt that in an era of punks and hippies Bryan Ferry looked like a waiter. I stared back into his deep, moody eyes and agreed with whatever the women said. Inside I understood why he was staring, and why I felt like crying even when he sang about traditionally happy things, and cosmopolitan adventures. I didn’t have a word for it yet, and I didn’t talk much in those days, so I just quietly stared back into everyone’s eyes. The truth was a feeling, and nothing I could put my finger on quite yet.

    The song continues, “Mama says love is all that matters. Beauty should be deeper than skin. Living for the moment. Lips and lashes. Will I ever find my way again?” I’ve had the most beautiful eyes staring back into mine in the dark. I tell you, that I’ve been lonely and heartbroken for as long as I can remember, but that’s not entirely true. Again, it’s just a feeling. Staving off the moment with memories of the things which seem to have nourished others, and slipped quietly though my fingers as the result of my own failings, short sightedness, or just my dumb luck. I am anything but a lucky man when it comes to most things. But when it comes to love I am a millionaire.

    And then he croons,”Mama says only stormy weather. Don’t know why there’s no sun in the sky. Footsteps in the dark come together. Got to keep on moving or I will die.” I Remember laying on the floor in the kitchen of my first apartment listening to this album over and over and over again. At the time Bryan Ferry’s ‘Boys and Girls” album was distinctly different from anything else. Like all of the records of this era, they became the status quo, and so they lost their importance in terms of forging a sound. When they stood alone they were awe inspiring. When they were played in sequence, the Marcus Miller basslines all started to sound the same, and without Bryan Ferry up front it faded into a quiet storm of light jazz and we even stopped making out with it playing in the back ground.

    Still, when we stop — stop dancing, stop moving, stop loving, stop anything — the ghosts of our heart come rushing in in the dark. That’s why so many of the people I meet seem to smoke way too much pot, or work all the fucking time, or organize and manage everything in their lives and have what we who do not suffer from these nervous ticks might call “control issues” or perfectionism. We all know that perfectionism is only fear unaddressed. And so to stop is to feel the flood of all we have deferred come for us. Call it panic attack – call it a grossly mismanaged inventory control system – who cares what you call it. The deferral appears to be cultural, and possibly indefinite. Maybe we have all left half of our hearts on the docks of Portuguese harbors, and are still waiting for the return of our beloveds who set sail for the unknown edges of the flat earth.

    I wanted to express the passion of absence, the fires of radiantly invisible love, and the depth of devotion we all hold for anywhere but here, any time but now, and anyone but us. I attempted to do it slowly, with sensuality, and tenderness. I took my time, and lost myself completely. I hope you and your grief dissolved in there somewhere with mine.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Saudade:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Saudade – Love And Rockets
    3. Ready To Flight – Enzo Ponzio
    4. Neeve – Projections, Woolfy
    * saudade
    5. Games Without Frontiers – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Peter Gabriel
    6. Swoon – Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix – Chemical Brothers
    7. Love on the line (Mustang Re Edit) – Barclay James Harvest
    8. Love on the line (MTE Edit) – Barclay James Harvest
    9. Are We There Yet – Audiofly X
    10. Walk A Mile – Cuebur Mix – Nathan
    11. Don’t Look Back – Kaznova ft Lil Soul
    12. Movement – Afefe Iku
    * sunlight on my face
    13. Fences (Dana & Peder G’s Acidic Disco Twist) – Phoenix
    14. Peak Time – sunshine’s extended disco remix – Native Inteligence
    * how long have you been gone?
    15. Welcome to the Party – Jazzanova remix – Har-You Percussion Group
    16. Digital Yoga – Hesohi
    17. Feel it for you – planetary access mix – Alternations
    18. Kjappfot – Ytre Rymden Dansskola
    19. Annihilate – Lost Entity
    20. Blackjoy – La Stache – Moustache
    21. Auf dem Hof – Kalabrese
    * red flag
    22. The Sun – Sunshine Jones DLAMB Rework – Heatmerchantz
    23. Where Do I Fit – Narrator Mix – The Musicmaker
    24. North East – El Carlitto
    * your mouth is so dry, and my mind is full of sky
    25. My Only Love – Sunshine’s Re Sync to 120 – Roxy Music
    26. Deeper – Manuel Tur Remix – Blakkat
    27. Fill up my heart – Sunshine Jones
    28. Aviator – Poze
    * STFM
    29. A Place In My Heart – Star You Star Me
    30. Hot On The Heels Of Love – Throbbing Gristle
    31. Absynth – Marcus Worgull Remix – Woolfy
    32. Main Thing – Rub-n-Tug Remix – Roxy Music
    33. Saudade – Love And Rockets
    34. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    35. So This Is Goodbye – Junior Boys
    36. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 26 Minutes 29 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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    Thank you for listening,
    I’m not sure what’s happening next week — Dubtribe are performing live at 2nd Sunday’s event at Mission Rock in SF next sunday, and I am unclear about our set time. I believe we will be playing when Sunday Soul should be happening. If that’s true, then I will not be able to broadcast the show… I’ll stick close and let you know.