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“Our age demands more; it demands, if not lofty pathos then at least loud pathos, if not speculation then at least conclusions, if not truth then at least persuasion, if not integrity then at least protestations of integrity, if not feeling then at least verbosity of feelings. Therefore it also coins a totally different kind of privileged faces. It will not allow the mouth to be defiantly compressed or the upper lip to quiver mischievously; it demands that the mouth be open, for how, indeed, could one imagine a true and genuine patriot who is not delivering speeches; how could one visualize a profound thinker’s dogmatic face without a mouth able to swallow the whole world; how could one picture a virtuoso on the cornucopia of the living world without a gaping mouth? It does not permit one to stand still and to concentrate; to walk slowly is already suspicious; and how could one even put up with anything like that in the stirring period in which we live, in this momentous age, which all agree is pregnant with the extraordinary? It hates isolation; indeed, how could it tolerate a person’s having the daft idea of going through life alone-this age that hand in hand and arm in arm (just like itinerant journeymen and soldiers) lives for the idea of community.”

Søren KierkegaardThe Concept Of Irony p. 246-247

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us

  2. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is all done for tonight and for this month. Thank you for listening. I love you. Good night…

  3. Sunshine:

    The outpost is an interesting idea. In essence the outpost is a habitat which preserves and sustains life outside of habitable conditions. An easy example might be a science station in the arctic. So the outpost is a well insulated, nicely heated, clean environment for scientists to be able to live and work in Antarctica – where it’s so cold that no one can survive there. Another example is a preserve or sanctuary for redwood trees. Since mankind have destroyed so much of the forest, sometimes people get together and decide to protect some of the old growth trees (why they don’t do this all over the world and riot about it I don’t know, but I’ve been chained to redwoods up at Headwaters national forest and had pepper paste wiped into my eyes trying to get me to unlock myself from the tree and it’s a worthy statement in order to create an outpost for some of the oldest living things on earth.) Muir Woods in Northern California is a beautiful example of this.

    John Muir, an American naturalist and companion of Ralph Waldo Emerson, arrived in the midst of old growth redwood trees in California and immediately recognized that these were some of the most important things on earth, and devoted his entire life to preserving them. Muir felt the west was an outpost for this forest and had heroic success. It’s largely thanks to Muir that we have managed to preserve even the idea of old growth redwoods, let alone have Yosemite, The Sierra Club, and many of our national and state parks in California.

    Psychologically speaking the outpost can be a refuge for abstract thought. For example if you are pondering the depth of the universe, or the meaninglessness of existence, having a safe place to reach the ground and return to rational thinking is as important a piece of deep thinking as are the ideas one is pondering. I think these outposts are a measure of sanity and authentic intelligence. Without them we travel so far there can be no way back home. Which is not to say that returning to the conventions from which we emerged is the best thing ever, but having regard for life, our social compact, and the basic needs of self is an important part of being human. The ability to travel beyond self, while still holding love and care for self is arguably a true sign of real intelligence. That’s why ultimately drugs and their associated brain damage may seem awesome and comforting at first, they are – at least as a primary vocation or vehicle – a big part of the problem, and not a liberator for our inspiration or intelligence.

    Culturally, the personal outpost is also an interesting concept. It’s the essence of what prompted me to do this transmission and theme it accordingly tonight. San Francisco has for years been a cultural outpost. We are sadly an overrun and dearly expensive city, it’s truly unlivable here, but we lack any or all of the cosmopolitan services of every other major city in the world. There’s no food after 10pm, there’s actually not much of anything after 10pm, our police are ineffective and do not live here, our politicians are not from here, and the people who come and buy and occupy the city are not from here either. We are a bedroom community for the suburbs, and thus we are relegated to being a campus quad, bus stop and dormitory for the Google Campus. Real estate agents and property owners are delighted, as are the airplane loads of people arriving to rent one bedroom apartments for $4,000 a month, as they should be, but as we have hemorrhaged our own diversity, we have shed our identity, our history, we have – in effect – cut down our old growth redwood trees and what’s left is unpleasant, suburban, entitled, and sad. And yet, despite the natural shifting cycle of population, employment, interest, focus, and economy San Francisco maintain the cultural brand of “liberal” and “hippie” which is absurd in the first place, but in the second place absolutely no longer applies in any way to anything here.

    And so as an advocate for the working people, my actual community and her inhabitants, laborers, and ultimately anyone other than the privileged (regardless of your color, gender, reference or your history) I find myself uniquely alone. It’s one thing to volunteer at the needle exchange, or to administer services to the poor, homeless, and drug addicted of the tenderloin (work I also do) but there are no advocates and there is no recourse for the sanitation worker who simply would like to keep his apartment, or the elderly couple who would like to have quiet after 10pm, or the Guatemalan family who arrived here illegally in the 70’s and have gone on to become naturalized citizens, educated their children, and are struggling to hold on to their home, their business and the reason why they come to San Francisco in the first place. In a sea of entitlement and gourmet restaurants which have suddenly appeared in place of our neighborhood markets, and hardware stores. It’s the wall-mart effect in reverse, and the people appear to be so dazzled by money, and medicated and obsessed with themselves that the old ways are lost, it’s really already too late, these ideas and faces may still exist to some degree in Bayview or in effigy out on Cortland, but it’s gone. It’s gone and it isn’t coming back.

    What a bummer, right? Right. But good riddance. I am sentimental and also feel that the only effective police force actually lives in the community it is attempting to serve. When city hall becomes an outpost for politicians who do not actually occupy or enjoy the city they are hoping to represent then we are little more than an escalator to another destination. Where is the center of this idea? What is the bi-product of it’s accompanying pressure and isolation? Am I an old growth redwood tree? Are you? Or are you a lumberjack in your micro shorts and pink streaked and bleached hair come to cut and clear away all of history with your fendi bag and second hand plastic pumps? In San Francisco we can’t even manage to work out if we are boys or girls, let alone what we are doing here and why…

    Lord, let me be a refuge. If I must be an antagonist, and a provocateur then Lord, let me be the best one that I can be. Let me open my mind and my heart to find all the magic, and love, and fire, and beauty in this ever changing world, and from this sweet and welcome outpost may I find more and more effective methods of transmission to send word back home, and out into the stratosphere to all scattered members of the resistance everywhere. This is an s.o.s calling, from outpost treehouse, calling all resistance, all humans, all lovers, all dancers, all thinkers, all who wish to consider, and imagine a world of people collected together and equal and free. An outpost indeed. May we never be isolated by fear, nor divided by panic, and may your life blossom and thrive as it never has before.

    That said, here is the track list for Sunday Soul – OUTPOST

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Homebase – dZihan & Kamien
    3. Nothing Happens In June – Ulrich Schnauss
    4. Go Deep (Jesus Gonsev Remix) – Alex Sosa
    5. Signals – Sunshine Jones Remix – Soul Minority
    6. Box Dub – The Emperor Machine
    * wait for the red light
    7. For All Underground DJs – Rocco’s TroDeep Mix – Nick & Danny Chatelain
    * de come around
    8. Voltiger – Gorje Hewek & Izhevski
    9. Summer Trip – Belden Acid Mix – Blue Soul
    10. My Desire – Copyright feat Donae O
    11. Along The Way For Berlin – Tim Hanmann
    12. Slove – Sunshine Jones Rework – Soul Minority
    * understand
    13. Another Chords – Deep Active Sound
    14. Catch My Fire – Dapayk Solo
    15. Fall For You – Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix – Kings Of Tomorrow
    16. Evening Avenue – Ivan Latyshev
    * someday…
    17. 1960 What? (Peas House Mix) – Gregory Porter
    18. Inside Outside In – Rishi K
    19. Stella – Taho
    20. Call Me Names – Dapayk Solo
    21. Suddle Movements – DJINXX Vision – Ee2
    * write down your dreams, they are your myths
    22. Low Blow – Deep Spelle Remix – Deephope
    * telepathy
    23. CO2 Vapor – Cajmere
    24. It’s You – MK Mix – FCL
    25. Saturn Rings – T-Quez
    26. Sirius – Taho
    27. I Feel Loved – Volta Cab
    28. Suzy – Instrumental – Darren Clark
    29. Aint No Dubbin Us Now – Ron Basejam Remix – Odyssey
    30. Space Secret – Fer Ferrari
    31. I’ll Never Let You Down – Chaotic Piano Mix – AfroniQue Soulz
    32. Value Of Love – Main Mix – Maf Ish feat. Kament Soul Music
    33. Tokyo Nights – B G Baarregaard
    34. Genesis – Grimes
    35. I Can’t Read – David Bowie
    36. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    37. Funky Back Home – Sunshine’s Soul Mix – Dubtribe Sound System
    38. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    39. Signing off **

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 42 Minutes 26 Seconds
    * Performed Live
    ** Not included in the archive

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    Thank you for listening, see you next time

  4. SuperFresh:

    Incredible set. I do believe i’m purchasing this!

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    Treating myself to this.

  6. Melanie:

    Working the magic from our refuge from SF in the north, with love, stillness, and silently, patiently groovin all the way home. Great message….everything my heart has been aching over. Thanks, Sunshine. Keep on the good foot!!!

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    Buying this today!

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    thank you from the heart ♥

  10. Danielle Hogan:

    Sunshine, I love you.

  11. Rae Rae:

    Thank you so much Sunshine, your note (& music) means more to me than you may know ♥

  12. Tony:

    Much love always brother!

  13. Jesus Gonsev:

    Good set mate! And thanks for play Go Deep (Jesus Gonsev Remix) !!!!!!

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    love u kats