Sunday Soul – Our Empire Is Falling

Year 11 – Playlist 43/52 – Art, essay and music for the week of February 8th 2015

This is week three of the Empire saga in which I confront the idea of failing and falling empires. Somehow this leads me to describing how Gray Davis bungled the electrical grid privatization in California, and undertake the correlation of how empire can buy you, and sell you anything as long as it gets what it wants, but then when it fails (and it always fails) it doesn’t take responsibility for itself – it starts passionately speaking in “we” statements, and then hops a helicopter to exile. I even get a pitch in for our man Aldous Huxley (who healed his own eyes in Gaza and barely ever needed glasses again.) That and the music is delicious this week…

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  1. Deephope:

    Thanks so much mate!!!!

  2. Silent Sistah:

    Awesome essay this week, S.!
    Thank you