Sunday Soul NYC: Residence: July 29th 2007 New York City


Sunday Soul NYC : Residence
Join me in person at club LOVE in New York for the July 29th Edition of Sunday Soul
The debut of Sunday Soul NYC

Resident DJ’s Hanik (Club 5, DC) and Neil Aline (APT, NYC) will join me from 6pm until 8pm for an open conversation about being a DJ in residence.

Sunday Soul’s regular broadcast will begin at 8pm (eastern time) until late night in New York.
The music will be broadcast on as usual.
See you there!


  1. [b]Update[/b]:

    DJ Three (Robots, Cielo)
    Jeannie Hopper (PS1 NYC)
    Brian Coxx (Soulgasm NYC)
    DJ Reborn (UBIQUITA NYC)

    Are all added to the forum at 6pm

    Dubspot, new york city’s first electronic music production and dj school are now involved with Sunday Soul NYC. We’re going to work together to consider our forum a classroom affair for the recording school.

    Very cool.

  2. stagg:

    yeah! very very cool.

  3. Hey, it’s 5:25 am and I just got back to my hotel.
    What an interesting night.

    Sadly, the club’s internet wasn’t working, so I had no ability to broadcast sunday soul, and there wasn’t any reception to send out text messages about it until later.

    They’ve got it sorted out for next month, and I’ll see you next week.