Sunday Soul – MYRURGIA – love songs for the cloud goddess – November 25th 2012

” To sweet Nephele, my beloved Myrurgia, my heart belongs to you “

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    Oh my god… best, most personal, most beautiful Sunday Soul in quite a while – that felt soooo good. Thank you for listening. Good night!

  3. Sunshine:

    Myrurgia was founded in 1916 by the Catalan family of Monegal. Raymon Monegal, a wealthy chemical industrialist, put up the money and marketing skills. His second son, Esteve Monegal Prat, a sculptor, art student and friend of many in the contemporary art scene, was the face of Myrurgia. Esteve was also influential in the management of the company until his death in 1978.

    Monegal was a devoted follower of the goddess Nephele – the goddess of the clouds – and named his company after her, and all of his frgrances were dedicated to her. Nephele is the cloud which Zeus created in the image of the jealous and vengeful Hera in order to fool Ixion – king of the Lapiths, the most ancient tribe of Thessaly, son of Ares, and thief of the heart of the daughter of Deioneus. Monegal created fragrances which would rise into the air and become the atmosphere, protecting the wearer from jealousy, fear, revenge, and the ambitions of those who might seek to steal their hearts.

    Last night’s broadcast was dedicated to calling upon the goddess, and asking for fire, for rain, for abundance, and direction. As one travels the clouds of this world it is easy to become disoriented and feel lost. How can you tell one cloud from the next, and what protection is there aside from hiding within the very arms of the goddess? So I wanted to dedicate myself to describing this journey, and sing my love songs to the clouds.

    The broadcast was wonderfully attended, the chat flowed by without much help from me, and I got lost in my heart’s aching, and callings, desires and delights. I held nothing back.

    As the result, the archive is a little unruly in terms of the levels and the effects, but it was one of the most personal, inspiring, and beautiful Sunday Soul transmissions in a while (for me) and so rather than shrug and say “Sorry, the archive is little too loud for pleasant listening” I am releasing it as a piece, a performance, and offer it up to you for your pleasure.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Myrurgia – love songs for the cloud goddess

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Rain – Ryuichi Sakamoto
    * introduction (dedication)
    3. One Hundred Of Them – Kohib feat. Mari Boine
    * call for a flaming heart
    4. Whitworth Strut – Monkey Boots
    5. Signals – Soul Minority
    6. Tirakan – Kohib feat. Mari Boine
    * shoulddaknown
    7. Set Fire To The Rain – Plastic Plates Remix – Adele
    8. The Hustle – Satin Jackets
    9. Sunshine – Duff Disco
    10. Down The Road – Soul Minority
    11. Spring Affair – MATRiXXMAN Catchin’ Feelingz Remix – Heller & Farley
    * how do you feel?
    12. Regrets We Have No Use For – Maxxi Soundsystem
    13. Secret Fire – The Peaking Goddess Collective
    14. Sanctuary – Meddle Remix – Juan Mejia
    15. Naked Goddess – Sciadare
    * call to the goddess
    16. Everybody feat. Evelyn Champagne King – Miguel Migs
    17. For Real – Soul Minority
    18. Reflections – Reflection Border
    19. I Forgot You – Atjazz
    20. Perradulta – Massivan
    21. India – Lipelis & Simple Symmetry Remix – Mitzi
    22. Square One – Rub n’ Tug Remix – Coldplay
    23. Believe – Instrumental Mix – Trick & Kubic
    * Do you believe?
    24. If you wouldn’t mind – Tiger Stripes Acid Dub – Sunshine Jones
    * Mother Earth
    25. Beautiful – Niklas Paus Remix – Phonic.Lab
    26. Rasmus Faber plays the Marimba – Tiger Stripes
    27. True – Monte
    28. Ra-ako-st – Lindstrom
    29. Breaking Time – Simian Mobile Disco
    30. Run Run Run – Sunshine Jones Remix – Instrumental – Drag Queens
    31. In Tune With The Universe – Sunshine Jones Remix – Zweistein
    32. Walkin’ On A Cloud – Kolombo & Compuphonic
    33. Axis – Gritt
    34. Face Love Anew – Dub Mix – stereogamous
    35. Say U Love Me – LNTG Rework – Janet Jackson
    36. I Love You My Hope – Do Right Remix – Hird
    37. Technicolour – Main Mix – H.O.S.H., HearThuG
    38. Flowers – Nick Warren
    39. Where Do I Fit – Narrator Mix – The Musicmaker
    * call for rain
    40. North East – El Carlitto
    * around and around
    41. It’s Got to Be Music – Extended Re-Edit – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel
    42. Let no man put asunder – Moplen reprise – First Choice
    43. Maybe Tonight – Lovelock
    44. Slove – Soul Minority
    45. Rain – Ryuichi Sakamoto
    46. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    47. Vehicle – Ides of March, The
    48. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 28 Minutes 06 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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