Sunday Soul – just say uncle – December 6th 2009

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now!

  2. all done for this week. record turn out. amazing show. my mind is blown. thank you for listening. see you next week!

  3. Last night’s broadcast was unhealthy. It was filthy, and powerful. It was right on time. It was so beautiful – Just what I needed.

    I flew out on Saturday morning to play a Dubtribe show in Atlanta, Corey Von Waters picked me up at the airport — bless his mighty heart — and we hauled over to the Loft and did a brief sound check. Then Hagen – the mad hatter himself – took me and Moonbeam out to a delicious pre show dinner. Then we went back to the club where Moonbeam and I sat down together in the back room and planned the night’s set, and then we hit the stage and went for it. When it was over — and it was one of those shows that felt like it want on endlessly, as if there is no such thing at time, but somehow it was over before we even got started — We connected with the drummers, the dancers, reaching to the back of the room, and pulling anyone present enough to come forward, forward. I was blown away by Moonbeam’s amazing voice, I was moved by the dancers, I leaned off the stage, pulled back to the riser, whispered sweetly, sang wildly, I gave and I took, and then I was just standing in a huge, empty club with my bare feet on the silver and blue stars from the confetti canon, laughing with tears in my eyes because all the stars had indeed fallen down from the sky — and then I was on another airplane, fending off a cougar who was making her move on exhausted, sweaty and very sleepy me. What is it about women on airplanes? I like it, and I’m not complaining, but it certainly is a new and interesting development about cross continental flights that’s not lost on me. And then I was standing in front of my mixer, safe at home in my treehouse, with five minutes left before the show was about to begin.

    Exhausted, amused, lifted, curious, quiet, and calm inside I just began. It was another late night. I just went — didn’t look at the clock, or think about why or how, I just reached for records, CD’s, and digital files and tried to weave a relentless tapestry in the best way I could. My intention tonight was to express the week’s theme: just say uncle. Of course I’m not going to give up — no way baby — but somehow there’s a virtue in letting go, and a clarity in surrender which makes for a curious juxtaposition in my mind. I want so much to surrender to the will of the universe. I don’t want to fight any more. Yet I am such a tenacious poet, such a relentless musician that the possibility of saying “uncle” or anything even vaguely similar is out of the question. But if that’s true, then how do I let go of the present tense and all my hopes for communion and mercy? Where in there is this actual moment? Where do I go? What do I do? What shall I say, and whom shall I say it to? With this in my mind, I reached for texture, clarity, the distant roar of percussion, the deepest tones, and richest pads, the sweetest whispers that I could find in hopes of building on the incongruous anti-collaboration of my internal dialog.

    I know you know, but I’ll say it again for the sake of transparency, I think we’ve had about enough of faster, harder, and louder. Though I love a clear vocal, or a seriously dead ahead groove to focus the dance floor. Still, to my mind, and definitely to my heart, I keep reaching for width and breadth to express the power of house music. These are such inspirational times for electronic music. Our voices are calling from all corners of the world, and somewhere between 110 bpm and 120 bpm is a place where not everyone can follow. Like the lonely women I keep meeting on airplanes, and the exhausted employees who push the carts, the pressure of fear, desperation, and all that’s subconsciously expected of us when we press down on ourselves and hold back our essence, something’s just gotta give. When we hold back like we have been for the last decade, something’s just gotta come out. Personally, I don’t want to hold back any more. So I’m not gonna. I’m gonna let it out, and just trust that you’re emotionally mature enough to handle it. I’m gonna open my heart wider, and wait for you to take my hand and join me here.

    The show itself was beautiful. Attendance was fantastic, breaking a record on our new server which allows for more connections than ever before. the chat was quick, wild, and personal. New friends came and checked in, some shared the contents of their hearts with us and we didn’t turn our back on anyone. The sounds rose and built tension, we held on tightly, we touched each other’s faces sweetly, I whispered and I sang, I took you down and met you face to face, I swirled my sweet fingers around you until the silver thread at your core snapped and we all fell tenderly in love with the elegant afterglow of delicately wild emotional lovemaking. Softly. Overwhelming. Shocking. Passionate. Beautiful. Perfect.

    And now, with nothing left of me, it’s time to curl up in my warm bed, as the rain still taps against my windows and sleep the deep sleep. Here’s to wonderful dreams. Here’s to our communion, our poetry, our laughter, and the sweet smell of you all over me.

    Now that my huge run on sentence feels complete, here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – just say uncle:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Landscapes – Shit Robot Remix – Idioma
    * introductory whispers
    3. Superhero – Luke Solomon Dub – The Glass
    ** if you’re gonna screw up a mix, it better be the first one – ugh
    4. The Sea And The Sky – Padded Cell Remix – Future Loop Foundation
    5. Same Sun – Prins Thomas Karaoke Version – Boozoo Bajou
    6. Hey Hey – Robaco Bossa Hit The Drums Refix – Dennis Ferrer
    * sweet encouragement
    7. The Feeling – John Daly Remix – Toby Tobias
    8. Tweek and Roll – Vince Remix – Josh Wink & Blakkat
    9. Believe – Instrumental Mix – Trick & Kubic
    * If you want it, you can have it, it’s yours
    10. Night Flight – The Revenge
    11. Innerfearence – Chateau Flight Remix – Spectral Empire
    12. Work – Prins Thomas Remix – Junior Boys
    13. Pas Meme Le Cri D’un Oiseau – Jimpster House Mix – Zimpala
    14. Half Moon Tiger – Einmusik
    15. I Go Deep – Jim Rivers
    * do you really wanna give up?
    16. I Do Love – Marcus Aurelius’ Shagstrumental – The Soul Live Elements
    17. Caprice – Bogdan Irkük
    * making love with you after the end of time
    18. Deep Dive – Soul Pace Mix – Slytek
    * the disco robots dance, the pleasure robots fuck, the work robots work work work…
    19. Leave Your Mind – The Revenge
    20. Haraball – Ytre Rymden Dansskola
    21. Another Station – Todd Terje Remix – Lindstrom
    22. The Logical Song – Fernando Picon Remix – Supertramp
    23. North East – Original Mix – El Carlitto
    * touching you so sweetly, until your shimmering silver thread breaks, until you let go, until you can’t take any more, until we’re really here, until i’m gone
    24. Respect Yourself – Marcello Giordani
    25. Looking Up To You – Rework – Michael Wycoff
    26. Kajappfot – Prins Thomas Multitrack Edit – Ytre Rymden Dansskola
    27. Innaspace – The Revenge
    * I’m right here baby…
    28. Galaxia – Motorcitysoul Remix – Marcello Giordani
    * real friendship and real love
    29. Bring On The Night feat. Marcus – Rocco Tro Deep Remix – Cloudkickers
    30. Close your eyes – Peter Black Bootleg – Annie Lennox
    31. Rue De L’Aresnal – Yuksek Remix – Bot’ox
    * sweet and tender rose, my dear sweet beautiful friend, i’ve known you all my life, through thick and thin, i love you, now let’s be quiet and just dance, let’s see what love can do…
    32. Perfect Day – Acos CoolKAs Mix – Star You Star Me
    33. Bonaire – Al Usher Remix – Dutch Rhythm Combo
    34. The Cure & The Cause – Original Mix – Fish Go Deep, Tracey K
    35. Mystery – Ytre Pymden Dansskola Remix – Lake Heartbeat
    * my heart is a bonfire of graditude
    36. Shift – Force Of Nature Instrumental Mix – Ana
    * i love you
    37. This Sweet Love – James Yuill
    38. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    39. Love Light in Flight – Stevie Wonder
    40. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    * uncle…

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 26 Minutes 06 Seconds
    * Performed Live
    ** internal dialog

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