Sunday Soul – Jupiter Rising – June 2nd 2013

“ A great dawn is upon you. Not merely the kind of sun’s-rise that kicks off every single morning of your life, but more the sort that comes after the longest night you can remember and promises a boatload of celebratory thrills to mark this next great day. King-of-good-fortune Jupiter is a mere four weeks away from his arrival, a once-every-dozen-years invitation to launch into new avenues of experience, adventure and possibility, knowing that his benevolent influence increases the likelihood of desirable results from risks taken. ”

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  1. Sunshine:

    I am broadcasting and transmitting Sunday Soul – Jupiter Rising – Live now on – Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    That’s all for this edition of Sunday Soul – Jupiter Rising.
    I’ll post the archive and track list for you tomorrow.

    Thank you for listening. I love you.
    Good night.

  3. Sunshine:

    If you’re a Cancer like me, astrologically speaking, I bet you’ve really been feeling things shift and churn both internally and externally lately. Haven’t you? I know I have. Huge waves of uncalled for excitement, fear, feelings, enthusiasm, and sadness have been raging in my waters just off shore. I am typically a moody animal, and I attempt to use my grace and intelligence to mete out the often opposing forces of my heart, mind and soul to be of the most service and good use in this world. Usually my heart wins. Well… that’s not true… my heart always wins, but that doesn’t mean that my rational and intellectual thoughts aren’t fun, or that prayer and meditation don’t feel really good and help soothe and balance my day to day experience. Rather than feeling as if the universe is coming undone and buckling under the pressure of my ever changing moods lately I have begun to pay attention to my dreams, write out lists of wishes, and begun to formulate new ideas about who I am, what I want to accomplish, and what’s next. I have literally abandoned my to-do list, and foregone all social courtesy and simply begun to catch fire with enthusiasm and all of her sister emotions for what feels like is emerging from some massive cosmic ocean in my life.

    Jupiter is the Roman king of the gods, and the god of love and the sky. His symbol is the Oak, and the Eagle. His name is actually Jove (or Luppiter in Latin) and he’s a total bad ass. To correlate Jupiter with Middle Eastern or Western gods, he is essentially the central figure – or the equivalent of Allah or just plain “God” if you will – in the East Jupiter is the equivalent of Indra, and Zeus. Ancient Romans believed that they were especially blessed by Jupiter because they had honored him more than anyone else, but as a pre Republic monarchy the empire was ruled by kings who were born to power, and were regarded as the earthly representation of Jupiter. Not unlike the western idea that any King was appointed by God, and thus the voice of God to the people.

    After the monarchy of Rome was usurped by the idea of a Republic, this idea shifted, and Jupiter became synonymous with the winner of any battle, war, or argument. The spirit of Jupiter was perceived as being stronger in one individual or another based on the performance and/or outcome of the situation. Sort of like what we might call “blessed” or “lucky.” The eagle became the symbol of the ancient Roman army only after the plebeians held a general strike against the ruling order and demanded representation in the government. The plebeians withdrew from Rome and threatened to start their own city without the elites and when the previous governors quickly relented the plebeians returned to Rome with the eagle of Jupiter as their emblem, and they offered him a white ox as tribute and agreed to allow the plebeians representation in the Republic.

    Jupiter was, however, only the practical god of the realm of the sky. His brother’s Neptune and Pluto were the rulers of the waters and the underworld (respectively.) It wasn’t until the rise in popularity of the Christian religion (which included radical ideas like forgiveness, salvation, and the idea that in order to truly be spiritual one must own nothing, give everything, and love everyone – an idea which allowed an entirely new class of person to commune with the gods and seek spirituality) that Jupiter and the ancient Roman belief system was officially abandoned in favor of the Holy Roman Empire. I’d love to discuss how that idea not only established modern religion as a political and social force, thus excluding the very people the Christian religion was created in order to serve and sparking the birth of Islam as alternative salvation for all people regardless of their status, wealth, or birth, but I think that’s pretty far from the topic of Jupiter’s rise and return to the sun sign of Cancer don’t you? I’ll try to get back on track here.

    In astrology, Jupiter is wonderful news. Like the beacon of your birth chart, Jupiter rotates in a 12 year cycle through the universe and arrives for one year at a time in each house. Think back to what you were doing 12 years ago… if you’re a Cancer, chances are you were your most truly authentic self, and you were bright with love and light and magnetism. Maybe things were really amazing, maybe they were really horrible, but it was all you baby. Does this ring true? It most definitely rings true for me, and I’m taking this moment to acknowledge the return and rise of Jupiter into my stars, into my house, and into my heart.

    I wanted to illustrate a rise in last night’s transmission. I wanted to show the torrents of all the directions I’ve been pulled in lately. So I took it long and slow and beautifully. I used a wider force and a slower tempo (115) to express this, and a decidedly more synthetic palette to accomplish this, which is interesting because I also layered in Jazz, deep house, soul music, and a little pop music to create tints and compliments to the washing waves of celestial space. I wanted the sub bass to call out to your hips, and the shimmering textures of the high end to tingle in your eyelashes and dance on your lips. Attendance was average, but the waves of momentum were exactly what I was hoping to do. I got a little loose in the mixing, and made some silly mistakes, but for a 5 hour and 45 minute set I think it’s just perfect, flaws and all. Certainly most fitting for one of the three rulers of the universe most evident here on the surface of the earth.

    Mostly I just wanted to open my arms and welcome whatever mighty Jupiter has to bring back into my life. I’m ready for change. I’m ready for return. I am ready to go…

    Here is the track list for Sunday Soul – Jupiter Rising:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Venus Rise – Mozez
    3. Theme Reprise – The Cinematic Orchestra
    4. Your Love is Liquid – audioJazz
    * intro
    5. Sweet Love – Sunshine’s Stripped Mix – Melou
    6. There Is No Light – Rhythm Operator Remix – Luke Fair
    * i can feel something approaching
    7. Sleeper – Jimpster
    8. Emotiva Sona – Maxim Sunbeat
    9. Providence of the Cosmos – JP Phillipe
    10. Deep Suprise – Florian Kruse Instrumental Cut – Samantha James
    *jupiter rising
    11. Face Love Anew – Dub Mix – Stereogamous
    12. Always There – Aki Bergen & Daniel Jaze Remix – Soul Minority
    * neptune rising
    13. Jupiter – Kris Menace
    14. Future – Sunshine Jones Revision mix 2 – Halo
    15. Into The Sunrise – Ricanstruction Dub – Ananda Project
    16. Beautiful Day – Shamlou, Babak Shayan
    17. Jupiter Calling – Thomas Schwartz
    18. Four Million Miles – Sunshine Jones
    19. Time To Come – Ilya Santana
    20. Soñando Contigo – Sunshine Jones Extended Remix – Kiko Navarro
    21. Cause I Know – Sunshine Jones Rework – The Groovers
    22. Les Violons Ivres – Agoria
    23. Breath Deeper – Sequential Soul
    24. Let Go – Chymamusique Urban Remix – DJ Hypnosis
    25. Follow Me – Club Mix – Aly Us
    26. Paris – Aeroplane Remix – Friendly Fires
    27. Love Affair – Martinez 4am Eternal Lounge Room Killer Mix – Dalminjo
    28. I get deep – Mirco Esposito Edit – Dj Le Roi Feat. Roland Clark
    29. Groove La Chord – Aril Brikha
    30. Night People – The Revenge Midnight Mix – Ilija Rudman
    * Jupiter in your house
    31. Close your eyes – Peter Black Bootleg – Annie Lennox
    32. Ma Babe – Copper Beard Feat. Armen Ambartsumyan
    33. Mirage – Deep Space Orchestra
    34. Signals – Emperor Machine Remix – They Came From The Stars I Saw Them
    35. Auf dem Hof – Kalabrese
    36. Feel Alive – DJ Junior CNYTFK & Crash
    * a call to all hearts and all minds to gather and rise togehter
    37. Don’t Go Lose It – Instrumental Mix – Stone Willis
    38. Get Lucky – Drop Out Orchestra Edit – Daft Punk
    39. Don’t Make Me Wait – Raw Underground
    40. Sunrise – Old Electro Mix – Homework Brothers
    41. Rainy Days – Original Mix – Sellouts
    42. Remember The Good Things – Lanark Remix – Milosh
    43. North East – El Carlitto
    * around and around
    44. I See A Different You – Beanfield Remix – Koop
    45. Fingerpaint – Digital Witchcraft
    * precious and rare
    46. Hoyle Road – Pedestrian
    47. Berlin Sunrise – Lee Jones Remix – Fink
    48. Rosario – Ejeca
    49. Tenaj – Urmet K Remix – Dana Bergquist & Peder G
    50. They Came In Peace – Exist Dance – Tranquility Bass
    51. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    52. Belfast – Orbital
    53. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 05 Hours 43 Minutes 41 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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