Sunday Soul: Jardin des Etoils: featuring special guest dj Courtney K: November 23rd 2008

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now! Join us.

  2. yaaay.

    five wonderful hours later, we are all done for tonight. thank you for listening.

    good night

  3. Last night’s broadcast of Sunday Soul was absolutely wonderful. It was an evening of debuts, and premieres. I was mixing without a control surface, using my XONE:92 only and key commands to control my first time actually performing with Traktor Pro. Also, my guest, DJ Courtney K, was using Serato and we were playing three for three all night. It was wonderful then Tami (or was it Trishya?) clarified that Courtney was going to by my guest next week because she couldnt tell the difference between my tunes and C’s tunes. We laughed and took it as a sincere compliment. It’s true, we blended together in the most unusual way. Playing, singing, looping, and laughing.

    The listenership was superb, and the chat was beautiful. Felt like everyone and more. A host of new friends appeared for the first time in the chat, and we welcomed Sophie into the family, as well as Floy… who was listening all the way from Paris. Turns out Floy does a paradise garage radio program and stumbled upon us and we welcomed him into our family. Trishya was back after a long break, and Wemily, Matt, Rose, Tami, Tre, and everyone who I look forward to getting together with each week were there with energy and love. Mostly we talked about planets and sex, but in the end the show took such an intimate shape that there were no more words.

    I wanted to honor the celestial theme of tonight’s show, Jardin des Etoiles, which means Garden of Stars in french. I hoped to string some beams of light together and trace a constellation or two. The show turned out so much better than I had hoped. I truly have a soul sistah in Courtney K, and we wore ourselves out dancing, mixing, laughing, and singing. I’ve been so sad lately, this show could have very easily gone another direction. I was so glad to have a co conspirator with me to help me remember to lighten up and embrace the mistakes, fumbles, and laugh in the face of heart break.

    Thank you.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: Jardin des Etoiles:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    2. la vie en rose – Louis Armstrong
    3. I-ight – Force Of Nature
    * introduction
    4. I’m Not Afraid of The Future – Jimpster Remix – Akabu

    Courtney K:
    5. Ride up to the stars – Max Fresh
    6. Cosmic Force – Francois Dubois Remix – Andy Cato
    * whatever you want…
    7. Elle – DJ Gregory
    * wild and wise, trivialised, untrue

    8. Move Your Funk – Koom.H
    * Oeo mamama
    9. My Reflection – Deetron Remix – Osunlade
    10. Yuki – Hideo Kobayashi
    * to the stars…

    Courtney K:
    12. Ginebra – Onionz
    13. Without you – Freaks
    14. Miura – Metro Area

    15. Deep Beginning – Karol XVII
    * the more i see, the less i believe…
    16. The absurdity of posession – Sunshine Jones *
    17. Feel – Lazy Dub – Spiritchaser

    Courtney K:
    18. Move On – Jimpster
    19. So Good – Members Only
    20. Lovlee Day – Blaze

    21. The sky is full of stars… – Sunshine Jones *
    22. Beautiful Day – Shamlou
    * bringin’ back the love
    23. Blind – Frankie Knuckles Remix – Hercules & Love Affair

    Courtney K:
    24. Bouquet of stars – Modern Walker
    25. Love Affair – Martinez 4am Eternal Lounge Room Killer Mix – Dalminjo
    26. I Take You Out To Space – The Mulder
    * Out Here…

    27. Deeper – Manuel Tur Remix – Blakkat
    28. Kadena – Kawabata
    29. Nuclear Green Treatment – Harnessnoise

    Courtney K:
    30. Until the last star – Marcsoul
    31. Starlight Express – Lars Wickinger
    * so whatchu gonna do?
    32. Rise – Johnny Fiasco Mix – Samantha James
    ** traktor pro vs. serato’s looping features (sorry)

    33. Hello Moon – WLD Edit – Heather Brooks
    34. Like A Star – Main – Alister Johnson
    ** Sunshine vs. Sunshine (sorry)
    35. Let Your Love – Charles Spencer Mix – Mike Clark

    Courtney K:
    36. Stars – Bravo Mike
    37. Her eyes have stars – Stryke
    38. Magnificent – Iz and Diz

    39. Better Day – Salt City Orchestra Remix – Presence
    40. North East – Original Mix – El Carlitto
    41. Shining Your Way Part 2 – AK

    Courtney K:
    42. To be in love – Masters at Work
    43. Finally – Ususal Suspects Remix – Kings of Tomorrow
    44. Let it go – Afterlife

    45. Caprice – Bogdan Irkük
    ** Where am I, what am I doing? Where is my control surface?
    46. Fingerpaint – Digital Witchcraft
    * Love don’t hurt at all…
    47. So Beautiful – Deco

    48. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    49. When You Wish Upon a Star – Jiminey Cricket
    50. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: Four Hours, Fifty Three Minutes, and Fourty Six Seconds
    * Preformed Live
    ** Dubious technical issues

    The archive is posted up now in both the footer of the community section at Treehouse Muzique — my label — and also at the bottom of the index page at Sunday Soul — the home page for this weekly show — There you can download the file for your ipod. You can open it up to listen in a separate window, or stream it in place from the web page. It’s there for you, enjoy!

    * On a wee technical note:
    It turns out that there’s been some struggle for windows users who have accidentally upgraded their browser’s flash plugin to Flash 10. From what reports I can figure out, these unhappy folks can not see the archive players, or even listen with the big button over at Leave it to the people at Adobe to release a version of flash for the web which isn’t backward compatible, and leaves people divided. Such a capitalist pig thing to do. I am not impressed at all. I believe I have fixed the button for 90hz, but I haven’t got the resources I need to repair the archives for treehouse or sunday soul. Now in order to encode them correctly I have to buy the plugin for each domain I want to use them on, instead of the way it currently works… which is one player for everyone. I am working on it, and hope this new issue doesn’t cause troubles for anyone. Feel free to let me know if you are using flash 10 and actually can see the players. That would be such good news.

    Support Sunday Soul: beside the archive links for listening and downloading you have an opportunity to donate a little something to help us keep Sunday Soul alive and well. These donations go toward web hosting, bandwidth overages, and the cost of software and our time for bringing you this broadcast every week in real time. Any donation is welcome and appreciated.

    Thank you so much for listening. I love you. I do this show for you. You might consider it a love letter which simply stands, from my heart to your ears, always and ever, forever.

    See you next week.


  4. christina:

    Courtney and Sunshine! This has been fantastic!!

    Wonderfully smooth mix that takes me on a journey far away….

    So many of my favorite songs too.

    Thank you!