Sunday Soul – integument – January 23rd 2011

how far can you reach out without breaking?
how far in do you go before you are gone?

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is llive now
    Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    crazy one tonight. lots of mischief and a couple of freak outs.
    I’d like to blame it on the moon, but I think it was the music.

    thank you for listening.
    see you in two weeks on February 6th

    Good night!

  3. Sunshine:

    Last night’s broadcast came as a surprise to me. I have been thinking about this very interesting idea that we are creatures with more than just skin containing us – we are emotional, cerebral, spiritual, visceral, sensual beings who are constantly sharing our energy with each other, sending our love, anger, worry, fear, joy, and delight out into the world. We are also receiving this energy, and we are responding to it. There’s a lot to say about this, but what was most interesting to me for the purposes of developing a theme for this week’s transmission was the idea of our surrounding membrane, or integument, which is more than our skin. I can meet you half way, I can carry some of your weight, I can retreat, and withdraw completely. I can even feel helplessly disconnected, or furiously over committed and despite my best efforts to correct and curtail, I am still reading your mind, struck by your feelings, and turning my flamethrower on you to try to be heard. However we operate in the world, I wanted to express that this emotional and spiritual membrane exists. It is flexible. It moves and it shifts. It changes.

    Something happened about a quarter of the way into the broadcast. A friend of Sunday Soul, someone we rely on, love, and trust, absolutely appeared to be freaking out and having a really hard time. Everyone felt it in the chat-master, and I was effected by it. So much so that I intervened and asked what was going on. I allowed my concern to change the course of what I played, and thus the broadcast was shifted organically from the theme I’d planned, to something I felt might better calm, heal, and help.

    I spent this morning giving some thought to what I’m doing with Sunday Soul, how it impacts me, how it impacts you, how it’s expressed, and even why I am doing it at all. I wonder about having a chat component to Sunday Soul, and all of my experiences with it. Originally, when we were small and new the community was deeply personal. As we grew folks showed up who hadn’t read the announcement, didn’t know who was playing, or didn’t care and simply wanted to hit on girls, and talk shop, or ramble on about the “good old days.” At first I intervened and discouraged this type of chat. I heard from people whom I loved and missed in the discussion – which as it turns out is an essential companion to the weekly broadcast – and acted in part as the vanguard of the original intention: This is a safe place to open up, and talk intimately, and honestly. Admittedly it’s very strange to be having a deeply personal musical moment, with tears streaming down my face and glance at the chat-box and see that while I’ve been bursting at the seams the audience were talking about their favorite taco stand, and how drunk they are right now. Strange and discouraging.

    I eventually felt that trying to guide, or police the chat was a losing battle. With the exception of abuse – clear sexual harassment, or personal bullshit taken out on someone who either hasn’t invited it, or doesn’t want it or like it – there’s no reason for me to get involved. The original intention had to be abandoned, and I needed to not take it personally, and just let the chat wax and wane and be whatever it is. But I can’t say that I’m not sorry. I can’t say that I don’t miss my friends coming together and catching up, checking in, and talking vulnerably as I play. I also miss speaking that way. But it is what it is, and with anything which grows, and attracts people from all over the world, it’s going to lighten, and trivialize, and change over time. I accept that, and really just need to focus on my mixing, and making sure that I’m being true to myself.

    I decided a long time ago, when treehouse muzique was born – that I had too long focused on the cult of personality and I’d let the music become something secondary. The music – each week’s theme – the way I express it – what I’m singing, and why I’m singing it is everything to me. It’s what Sunday Soul is, and why it is. The community which has grown up around it, the response to it, my program notes, my pretty flyers, and even the work which comes as the result, and the seed planting I do for a deeper, more personal experience with electronic music is all secondary, and thus, not the point – not important to me.

    After our friend was safe and sound in real life conversation with people who know her and love her, I resumed the theme of the show, and brought the evening to a close. I mused into the wee hours of the night that what had happened in the community during the broadcast was an interesting object lesson related to the theme. I asked the questions: How far out can you reach without breaking? How far in can you go before you’re gone? Where do I end, and you begin? And what are we supposed to do with this?

    I would go on and on about what I think about this…. But for now, for this bright, sunny, warm monday in San Francisco I want to simply notice it. I want to feel the irony, the poignant and piqued emotional response I have, and like the loneliness which floods me when I am suddenly on my own with nowhere to go, and no plans, revel in it and let it wash over me.

    I hope you are well, safe, and loved today. I love you so much. There’s so much I want to say, and do, and offer up for you, but for now I think I’ve said more than I need to.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – integument

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Red – Reflection Border
    * intro
    3. Losing My Patience – Shit Robot
    4. Oslo – Eli Escobar
    5. Look Right Through – Vox – Storm Queen
    6. Circuit – Aeroplane Remix – David Rubato
    7. A Straight Head – Stupid Human
    8. Into the Sun – Chris Mitchell
    * I want it now, I got it bad
    9. Riot in Lagos – Swag edit – Ryuichi Sakamoto
    10. Gunship – Locussolus
    11. Double – Mute Remix – Fer Ferrari
    12. Party Girl – Derek Turcios Blue Note Mix – Ultra Naté
    13. Tuesday – Lexx Remix – Databoy 78 – Databoy 78
    14. While You Were Sleeping – Dub – Sunshine Jones
    * while you were sleeping
    15. Love On The Line – Unabombers Remix Vox – Crazy P
    16. The Sun – Sunshine Jones DLAMB Rework – Heatmerchantz
    17. Who You Are – feat. Heidi Happy – Zwicker
    18. Four Million Miles – Sunshine Jones
    19. Don’t Talk – Bonus Digital – Italoboyz

    < abrupt shift in direction and theme because a friend of mine was freaking out and I wanted to offer musical support and something soothing and loving to help them calm down and set their toes back on the ground >

    20. Gotta Find A Way – Extended 12 Inch Version – Russ Brown
    21. Disco Party Pants – Instrumental Version – HOTDUDE
    22. Blue Steel (Still Going Remix) – Bot’Ox
    23. Eye 2 Eye – Sunshine Jones Remix – Jaswho?
    * get your mind together
    24. Your Sister – Derek Turcios & Maxim Laskavy
    25. The Secret Field – Todd Tejre Remix – Kaoru Inoue
    * mememe
    26. (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop (MN Edit) – The Fatback Band

    < an attempt to return to the theme >

    27. The Spell – Ron Hardy Mix – Marcus Mixx
    28. Ice Castle – The Beat Broker
    29. The Climax – Re Edit of the Bootleg Version – Carl Craig
    30. The Valley – Adam Marshall & Milosh
    31. Fences – Dana & Peder G’s Acidic Disco Twist – Phoenix
    32. Who You Are – Junior Boys Remix – Zwicker
    * how far out can you reach without breaking? how far in can you go before you’re gone?
    33. Snoretex – Strange Aeons
    34. Feel AM – Lindstrom & Prins Thomas
    35. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    36. If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
    37. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    < not included in the archive >

    38. Four Million Miles – Sunshine Jones encore
    39. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 13 Minutes 49 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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