Sunday Soul: in the stars… September 7th 2008

And at night you will look up at the stars. Where I live everything is so small that I cannot show you where my star is to be found. It is better, like that. My star will just be one of the stars, for you. And so you will love to watch all the stars in the heavens… they will all be your friends…

To Listen:
On Sunday, head over to at 10pm pacific time (which is 1 am in Manhattan, and 6 am in London) and click the big button there. If you want to listen with iTunes it’s easy. Just follow the instructions and drop the IP address of 90hz into the player and keep the bookmark around for relatively hi fidelity listening.

To Communicate:
We get together in the 90hz chat room and catch up, connect, and commune during sunday soul. It’s great. We are a group of good heads who love each other, and love house music. To join us, register with the forums at (all it takes is a real live email address which 90hz will never ever use) and then click the big-ass “join us” link on the front page once you’re logged in.

Join us!


  1. Sunday Soul is live now

    Join us!

  2. wow wow wow

    That was amazing…

    Thank you for listening. See you next week!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! Last night’s transmission was fantastique. One of the best for me personally since I dunnoe when. I had a really heavy week, and was feeling pretty down and out. I worked really hard on a few re edits for the show, had the whole thing sketched out in advance — which actually usually makes the show go pretty awkwardly, what with me being such a thinky pants and and moody monster — so I sat down in my studio and closed my eyes, welcomed the calm of that very moment into myself and started up the show, spot on time.

    Not only were attendance in the chat and listenership very nice, but the music seemed to swirl and dance and open my heart. I sang a lot, nothing previously prepared, and improvised in the mix. I just fucking went for it. I tell you, there’s nothing like the challenge of 118 bpm belle âme electronique to make my heart dance, my mind travel, and liberate my soul. It seemed I arrived with my head in my hands, having given up on some things which have meant a lot to me over the last couple years. I abandoned myself to the stars out my window, the music in my speakers, and I danced, I sang, I wept, I grinned, and appeared on the other side washed clean and clear. I’m not sure what happened, but it was beautiful. In the stars and then some…

    Here is the tracklisting for Sunday Soul: in the stars…

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Miracles – Sunshine Jones’ Re Edit – Jefferson Starship
    * invocation
    3. Fingerpaint – Digital Witchcraft
    * surrender
    4. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
    5. Stellar Way – Acos Coolkas
    * you never know ’til ya let go
    6. I Feel Space – Lindstrom
    7. You Sexy Thing – Sunshine Jones’ Re Edit – Hot Chocolate
    8. Bachelet – Sonda
    * different
    9. Another Chance – Astraglide’s Deep Remix – Difyl
    * from the bonfire to the stars
    10. Whispers – Aeroplane
    11. Close your eyes – Peter Black Bootleg – Annie Lennox
    12. Highlights – Charles Webster Remix – Delgui
    13. Subdrums Life – Edu Reig
    14. Sexual Healing – So Phat! Remix – 2529 feat. Rah Digga
    15. Black Sun – SoSoul Mix – Stephen Rigmaiden
    16. Original – Phonique
    17. North East – El Carlitto
    * difference
    18. Yuki – Hideo Kobayashi
    * Out here
    19. Electrikiss – K Scope
    * Love doesn’t hurt at all
    20. Phuture Bound – Ame Mix – Akabu
    21. Stellar Funk feat. Lazzaro Shoes – Jestofunk
    22. Without Your Love – Bootleg Edit – Tamiko Jones
    23. Soultrippin’ – Duel’s Jubilee Remix Extended – Duel
    * love and let go
    24. Ork – R.T.A.
    25. Kept Within – Aril Brikha
    26. Stella Di Mezzanotte – Version 2 – Calico
    27. I-ight – Force Of Nature
    28. Brighter Days – Groovenauts
    29. Big Love – Pete Heller’s Original Mix – Pete Heller
    30. This Is Why We Dance – Deep House Souldiers
    31. Space Traveller – Nick Holder
    * blessings
    32. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    33. Float Through Stars – The Funky Lowlives
    34. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    These are inspirational times for House and Electronic music. More is coming all the time, and it feels like anything goes. I feel the spirit of the bonfire in my heart, and am delighted and amazed every single day by the power and creativity of my friends, allies, and family.

    Thank you.

    The archive is posted now at the bottom of the community page at Treehouse Muzique and at the bottom of the Sunday Soul home page for your pleasure. You can stream it, download it, or open it up in a new window and be on your way.


    See you next week.

  4. I finally got to hear you spin live! :) Looking forward to this sunday!

    PS. Just curious, what format do you use for your mix sets? Digital(serato,cd) or vinyl?

    Much respect,