Sunday Soul – in loving support of internal structure and opening our dark little fists to the light – January 9th 2011

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  1. Sunshine:

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  2. Sunshine:

    All done for this week.
    Thank you for listening.
    Good night!

  3. Sunshine:

    World renowned dancer, and choreographer Martha Graham says “The body never lies.” and I have to stand up and cheer. The dreadful reputations of how dancers treat themselves despite how absolutely beautiful an experience it is to watch them move not withstanding, the body is a road map to our internal life. How we stand, how we walk, the way we position and hold ourselves in any moment – perhaps most notably when no one is watching – is a soothsayer of our internal truth. Further, what we experience in our stomach, our throat, our bowels, our toes, our skin, and throughout all our organs and systems is a natural polygraph which is always measuring and expressing our true selves. The question is – in lieu of all the constipated, swollen, sunken, frantic, shut down and broken people in this world – are we paying any attention to this beautifully organic measuring device of ours?

    Pioneering formative psychologist Stanley Keleman says, “The deeper we live the life of our bodies, the deeper is the upwelling of love.” And I want to cry. I think of how much of my life I’ve expressed with a bowl of coffee and a cigarette in my mouth, slouched over a sequencer, or in front of a computer looking into the vast expanse of so limited a space to try and experience something, to express something, to forge something from the deepest suspicions of my unconscious mind. And yet it doesn’t appear to be about my intentions, my history, my drives and desires. As lovely as these can be to unfold, the question isn’t “how do you feel,” but rather “what are you doing?” It seems absurdly simple, but typically the best solutions are those which were right under our noses all along.

    This is not a call for revolutionary action. This is not a criticism of anything we hope for, dream of, or feel. Rather than assume the worst, or shut down any further, perhaps the most loving action we can perform in support of internal structure is to simply notice. See how we are. Watch what we do. In itself it is an act of love. Notice and experience. Then with all kindness and joy, lessen the grip. Just ease up ever so slightly. If the body never lies, then this experience must also be true. Perhaps this upwelling of love is only in knowing where we habitually stand, and then reveling in the true light of what it is to let go ever so slightly in spite of ourselves.

    Last night’s transmission was deeply personal, and the second of the year. I wanted to spot you tenderly, to reach out my hand and hold it tenderly on the small of your back to remind you that you are here, and so am I. This is an amazing time of growth and hope for me. Music is flowing almost without a drop of opposition from me. Love is alive and thriving right here before my very eyes. The whole world around me is much larger and more wonderful than I’d previously imagined. My body is strong, and it feels wonderful. I continue to approach my limitations, and discover that the limitation was only in how I was imagining my destination. The border wasn’t real. The boundary was not yours, it was mine. The restriction was an hallucination. It was all in my mind.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – in loving support of internal structure and opening our dark little fists to the light

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Tunnel 4, Red Noise – Patrick Vian
    3. Red Onions – BOTTIN
    * the shape of you
    4. Internal Space – Martinez
    * loving support – a kind of a duet
    5. The Valley – Adam Marshall & Milosh
    6. Structure – Dream Traveler
    7. Sinfonia Della Notte – John Dahlback Remix – Dennis Ferrer
    8. Shaboo – Andy’s Edit – Photonz
    9. La Cavalcade – Rodriguez Jr.
    10. The Sun – Sunshine Jones DLAMB Rework – Heat Merchantz
    11. Walk A Mile – Cuebur Mix – Nathan
    12. August Day Song – Chateau Flight Remix – Bebel Gilberto
    13. Cult Logic – Miike Snow
    14. If Alone feat. Paul St. Hilaire – Chateau Flight Dub Mix – Sideshow
    * but…
    15. Move Me – Mood II Swing
    16. Eye 2 Eye – Sunshine Jones Remix – Jaswho?
    17. Ready To Flight – Enzo Ponzio
    18. Peak Time – sunshine’s extended disco remix – Native Inteligence
    * open
    19. Garden Of Vargulf – Woolfy vs. Projections Top Sirloin Remix – Loin Brothers
    20. A Place In My Heart – Star You Star Me
    21. Look Into My Eyes – Ray Mang
    22. Love Rocks – Nikolaj Grandjean
    * breathe
    23. Last One – Aril Brikha
    24. Synchronize – Extended Instrumental – Discodeine
    25. Synchronize – Discodeine
    26. Love Hurts – Cats n Dogz Emo Clubbing Remix – Florian Kruse
    27. Night Flight – The Revenge
    28. Hubabuba – Sunshine Jones Remix – Dana Bergquist
    29. Tuff Enuff? – Shit Robot
    30. Ice Castle – The Beat Broker
    * experience the light
    31. Tonight – Kleeer
    32. Shine A Light – Flight Facilities Remix – The C90s
    33. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    34. Sensitive – Mick Karn
    35. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 07 Minutes 47 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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