Sunday Soul: I move to the rhythm of your heartbeat: June 29th 2008

I move to the rhythm of your heart

you are my reflection
so here i stand with you in mind
and anytime someone smiles at me or gives me warmth
i know that you are here
you are my sears portrait with no sitting fee
no time to rest when the world is at its knees
no time to make appointments
no time to take notice
no waiting for your name to be called
i move to the rhythm of your heartbeat

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  1. sunday soul is live now

  2. may the sounds in your life
    like the twirling of your torso
    and every beat of your heart
    light up your life
    and guide you safely home
    and may all your sundays have soul

    Good night.

  3. Post Script

    Sunday’s program was beautiful. Such good friends were there, and the dialog was open, personal, and touching at times. The theme for this week came from a poem of an Osundaude track called “My Reflection.” The song, and this particular remix of the song has become a fixture in my more vulnerable sessions lately. There’s not much which separates this song, or even the spoken word from the traditional NYC style sound of the last decade or more, but somehow the deetron remix brings together two worlds which have become fundamental to me in the last couple of years. And so, like the rhythm of my heartbeat, these pure and beautiful electronic sounds… combined with the spirit of play, and the new Balaerica which has been lighting up my record boxes, and making me dance like a fury, or a spinning top come together with love, promise, and dedication.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I remain inspired, and deeply grateful.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: I move to the rhythm of your heartbeat:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Strings of Life – Francesco Tristano – InFine Music
    3. Yun Jama Nen Buga – Zion Lockwood – Just A Groove
    4. Miss Thing – Future Tribal Mix – James Benitez – Ready Mix Records
    5. My Reflection feat. Divine Essence – Deetron Remix – Osunlade
    6. Forever – Main Mix – Fred Everything – Bombay Records
    7. Shingaling – Rainer Weichold Remix – Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas
    8. Walkabout – Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn – Ork Recordings
    9. The Sound Is Yours – Kerri Chandler – Risksoundsystem – News
    10. Zumbi (Isoul8 Remix) – Frankie Valentine – Sunshine Enterprises
    11. Born to be a child – Pasta Boys Dub – Streetvibes
    12. Voodoo Bounce – Rocco Dub Mix – Claude Monnet – SSOH
    13. Cum – The Southern Brothers – Tweekd Digital
    14. Kept Within – Aril Brikha – Peacefrog
    15. North East – El Carlitto – Red Factory Recordings
    16. Yuki – Hideo Kobayashi
    17. Phuture Bound – Ame Mix – Akabu – Z Records
    18. Electrikiss – K Scope
    19. I Try – Jamie Anderson Remix – Francois Dubois – Urbantorque
    20. Blood – Francois Dubois – Urbantorque
    21. Memory Lane Refund – Alexander Maier Remix – Mugwump
    22. Wish – Chymera – NRK
    23. Whispering – Gamat 3000 – Dessous Recordings
    24. Original Highway Delight – LSB – Eskimo
    25. Love You Inside Out – Sunshine’s hustle up mix – The Pinches
    26. O Elefante (Phillip Cohan Solal Gotan Project & Haaksman Remix) – Roberto Roena
    27. When Daylight Fades – Random Factor
    28. You Could Be The One – Larry Heard Dub Remix – Greg Kozo – Place Blanche Records
    29. Spirited Away – Tiger Stripes
    30. Let love fly – Joe Clausell’s Extended Dance Version – Ananda Project
    31. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    32. Another Day – Bliss
    33. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 3 hours 37 minutes and 35 seconds

    The archive of this broadcast will be at the bottom of the bulletin board at Treehouse Muzique for a week. You can download it, stream it from the page, or open it in a floating window and continnue on your way. Whichever makes you happy.


    Thank you for listening. See you next week.
    Sunshine Jones