Sunday Soul – Home – May 29th 2011

Wherever you go (and believe me
when I tell you that I truly want you
to go wherever this world takes you –
fly as high and as far and as wide as
you can, as high as you will)
when you are in trouble, when
you are inspired, when you are
struck down with fear,
or overwhelmed with joy,
come home. Just come home
and bring your love to the table
of our lives
where we can truly love
one another
and heal
and grow
and thrive.

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  1. Sunshine:

    sunday soul is live now!
    Join us…

  2. Sunshine:

    all done for this month. See you on the third Sunday of June. Until then, thank you for listening. I love you. Goodnight.

  3. Sunshine:

    Home is a place of residence or refuge. When we are talking about a building, we are talking about an address where we store our property, keep our things, sleep, eat, bathe, and relax. A physical location where we let our guard down, or learn to keep it up.

    In 23 AD Gaius Plinius Secundas said “Home is where the heart is,” and we’ve been hearing about this ever since. In modern terms, this is some kind of idle threat that the location from which we emerge is where our hearts, minds, and loyalty should be. But when you stop to consider this, where do you come from? Who are your people? Is that where you devote your heart? I have to say that as a native San Franciscan I feel a sense of “home” here that I feel precious other places in this world. I have to admit that the diesel mists of a morning in London feel like home to me, as does a warm afternoon in Tokyo, but then again any broad, deserted beach also feels like home to me too. Still, when the doors of the airplane open, and the smell of the San Francisco bay floods the aircraft my heart relaxes, and I know I’m home. At times there has been absolutely no logical explanation for this feeling. San Francisco, like most metropolitan cities, has transformed into quite a bitch. She doesn’t offer the sweet and easy life she used to. She is merciless now, spitting out $79 parking tickets, raising taxes, prices, squeezing out free thinkers, poor people, artists and small business while welcoming as many retail chains as she can fit into her borders, thus absolutely compromising her once lofty virtues and at once erasing her history and her memory. She is filthy, and her lost and broken people are some of the saddest and most hopeless of the homeless that I have ever seen in my life. She closes her doors at about 10pm, and doesn’t open them again until 9am or later. We pay and bear the weight of metropolitan life without any of the benefits (all night dancing, late night places to eat, a sense of purpose and community.) And so it’s very strange to have to learn to put up my guard against a “home” which has always represented a safe place to open myself, to free myself, to breathe in the sweet and fresh air of the pacific ocean, and let my hair down.

    Home is perhaps a place within myself. The heart of anything which means something to me — the core of a relationship, a place where I am truly myself. In that way the concept of home could actually be anything from an essential truth, to a memory so vibrant and invigorating that it is woven into the fabric of who I imagine myself to be, where I come from, and a guide for all of my destinations. This sense of self can easily be as limiting as is can be liberating. I should think that the lesson for me in this ever shifting world is that “home” must be a flexible space and include room for growth, change, expansion, and also provide adequate patience for the disposal of ideas, beliefs, feelings, and egoisms which are no longer useful. Home should have an attic in which to store vital memories — things which are no longer useful, but remain valuable and worth keeping. Home should make space for utility, and function — things which might belong in a basement or a closet that are not featured on display in my house, but needed regularly and required to maintain a happy and healthy home. Most of all home must be safe. There needs to be room, and light, and warmth, and refuge. A place to read, think, dream, laugh, eat, make love, and actually live the life I want to live.

    I have been homesick for this “home” all my life. I’ve ached for a partner, an address, a purpose, a path and a destination which might create some sort of spark within me and whisper softly “welcome home.” I have caught glimpses of this, and yet it seems to me that while “home” insists on a community — not just me all by myself — this is not a place that anyone else will be able to give me, or prepare for me. My body is all that I am. I am my body. And if this is true, then I am home all the time. Rather than stare out across the sea as I have to distraction for the better part of my life, I must acknowledge that I am here, and all I ever need do in order to “come home” is to return to this very moment now.

    Here and now is where my heart is. Not scrawled out across some schedule board, or marked as a time on a clock. This very moment now is timeless, and my body moves through time ever present. I think that leaving my thinking behind, understand and make peace with my ideas, fears, beliefs, and pathology as entertainment — or perhaps more fairly stated as only one part of my process — I can better inhabit my body, and be the home which I have longed for. To let the rest of the world outside simply fall away, and stand here, barefoot and beautiful after a good long rest in the warm kitchen of my own house and celebrate my return home.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Home:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Sexual Healing – Simons Dark Keys mix – Marvin Gaye
    * intro
    3. Straight to the Point – Malistix Remix – Isabelle Antena
    4. Say It Again – Jestofunk
    5. New World – Attaboy
    6. No retreat – Stee Downes
    * I feel a radiant love for you
    7. I Go Deep – Jim Rivers
    * here you are again
    8. It only takes a minute – Moplen [it took more than expected] edit – Tavares
    9. Got To Get Out – Dato
    10. If Alone feat. Paul St. Hilaire – Chateau Flight Dub Mix – Sideshow
    11. Woman Cry – Blakdoctor Dub – Blakdoctor
    12. Move Me – Mood II Swing
    13. Together As One feat. Samantha James – Aquabassino Remix – Charles Webster
    14. Stoned Autopilot – C2 Version – Martin Buttrich
    * Out Here
    15. Get Down – Connie Case
    16. Square One – Rub n’ Tug Remix – Coldplay
    17. Perradulta – Massivan
    * welcome you home
    18. India – Lipelis & Simple Symmetry Remix – Mitzi
    19. Pacific Break – Reverso 68 Mix – The Beat Broker
    20. Believers – King Unique River Deep Mix – Baz
    21. Blue Road – Sunshine Jones Remix – Masterchris
    22. The Sun – Sunshine Jones DLAMB Rework – Heatmerchantz
    23. Home – LCD Soundsystem
    24. Holding You – Ame Mix – Wahoo
    25. The Absurdity of Possession – Sunshine Jones *
    26. Finally – Kings of tomorrow
    27. We Are What We Are – Sunshine Jones *
    28. Lovestoned – Gui Boratto Remix – Ada
    29. Fill Up My Heart – Sunshine Jones
    30. N.Y. House n Authority – Apt 3A – Apt 3A
    31. I Wish I Didn’t Miss You – Blaze Remix – Angie Stone
    32. Edge Of Time – Illington Massive Edge Remix – Choc Electrique
    33. All Loved Out – Love Drum Dub – Ten City
    34. Miss You – Sunshine’s 119 Re edit – Rolling Stones
    35. Conchord – Manuel Tur & Dplay
    36. Come To Me – Version – Sunshine Jones
    37. Pantha du Prince – Asha
    * Fall Down
    38. Water Business – Sunshine Jones Remix – Max Essa
    39. Wakanapi – Pryda
    40. Vehemence Of Silence – Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective – Andre Lodemann
    41. Love Hurts – Cats n Dogz Emo Clubbing Remix – Florian Kruse
    42. Too Much Blood – Debonairs Too Much Dub – The Rolling Stones
    43. Sunrise – Old Electro Mix – Homework Brothers
    44. Trouble – Big Trouble Remix – Alecia Keys
    45. Better Day – Salt City Orchestra’s Better Remix – Presence
    46. Structure – Dream Traveler
    47. Internal Space – Martinez
    48. Ready To Flight – Enzo Ponzio
    49. Sweet Suffering – Ambient Mix – Asheni
    50. Funky Back Home – Sunshine’s Soul Mix – Dubtribe Sound System
    51. Together – Woolfy
    52. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    53. L.O.V.E. Got A Hold On Me – Demis Roussos
    54. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running time: 05 Hours 15 Minutes 53 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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  4. Gino:

    beautiful text sunshine,…

    i’ve often thought about what home and heart are and how they come together, even more now as it is so fitting for this time in my life.

    and i have to say that Gaius Plinius Secundas knew something that i’ve been looking for long before my search began. it’s amazing how we still search for the same things even hundreds of years later.

    thank you again, i love reading your post show synopsis.


  5. Sam Heywood:

    I love that set.

  6. Silent Sister:

    awwww *exhales*…home feels so good. perfect. ♥

  7. Ahsley O'Hara:

    listening to the end was worth it :)

  8. Sarah Creighton:


  9. Tracie:

    It was so nice to listen again after a long break, thank you! : )

  10. Jeneva:


  11. Ryan Stubbs:

    Sunshine is exactly what you bring. Love you and your soul.

  12. silentsister:

    love…no thank You! *hug*