Sunday Soul – Hidden In The Sky – March 10th 2013

” Greet Yourself
In your thousand other forms
As you mount the hidden tide and travel
Back home.

All the hemispheres in heaven
Are sitting around a fire

While stitching themselves together
Into the Great Circle inside of
You. “

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    All done for tonight. Thank you for listening.
    See you in the sky…

  3. Sunshine:

    It’s the moment you come back to your body on the dance floor and really feel your true self. You finally got your coat on to go out, made it to the club, ran the gauntlet of the door, the line, the people just inside, and all the duffers at the bar out onto the dance floor. Then you made it past the essential insecurity of fake smiles and nudity only to find yourself dancing alone. Whomever you came with is faraway, and the music isn’t exactly what you’d expected. So you go to the bathroom, perhaps visit the smoking area, have a drink, see someone you don’t like, see some people you do like, and then you’re right there…. do I just go home? Do I go back to the bathroom? Do I spend the rest of tonight in the smoking porch? Or shall I go back out on the floor and move my body? So you dance, just you and the DJ. You work through being tired, what’s happened today and what’s happening tomorrow, and you’re here. Sweat is glowing on your forehead, the music is still throbbing, and you are smiling and you ask yourself “How did I get here?”

    Sometimes it takes all night to get here, sometimes you are instantly snapped into this place, sometimes it doesn’t happen at all, but however it goes down for you personally this is the place where you are truly awake, truly yourself, and viscerally present in the this moment now. It’s magic.

    Tonight’s transmission is about change, cycle, process, transformation and love.
    I wanted to begin before dawn, or at first to express the contentment of being safely internal. I wanted to juxtapose things which don’t automatically go together – electro, hip hop, folk, funk, deep and classic house. The intention was to travel, to sweetly draw you out until you were out in the light – naturally expressed with a break and some looped congas – and you ask yourself “How did we get here?” Then, from Robert Owens on, I wanted to clear away all the rubbish of clutter and faces, people and places, and then I wanted to reach way down inside, set the breeze blowing through your heart, and bring you home safe and sound, unharmed, transformed, healed, reborn.

    I played 40 records I’ve never played before, 4 vintage classics, 5 sunday soul classics and 2 of my own. I did my best to herald the change of the clocks, and call out to the sky to bring the light (and I sang and spoke a little bit too.) The rest my sweet friends is entirely up to you.

    “If you shoot a arrow and it goes real high… hooray for you.”
    – Dorian Corey

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Hidden In The Sky

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Paper Aeroplane – Angus & Julia Stone
    * introduction
    3. French Kiss – Venice Beach
    4. Simple Girl – Tiger & Woods Remix – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
    * it’s in your eyes
    5. The Nights – Alien Alien
    * In your mind
    6. Call Girl – Hot Toddy Dub – The Right Now
    7. Computer Love – Cézaire
    8. Love Wanted – Lonely Boy
    9. Turn Around – Solidisco
    10. Monday – Alien Alien
    * feel the sky
    11. Sky Come Down – Sunshine Jones Remix – Ganga
    12. I Love – Paradise’s Deep Groove
    13. System Can’t Breathe – OHYEAH
    14. Mother Sucker – Urmet K
    15. Ma Babe – Copper Beard Feat. Armen Ambartsumyan
    16. Let Go – Chymamusique Urban Remix – DJ Hypnosis
    17. Yo Yo – Dynamicron
    * how did we get out here?
    18. Magic – SirBilly ReStart – Cud
    19. Afrique – DJ MFR Beats Mix – Vincent Kwok
    20. Trusting Me – Clinton Brown Remix – Kris Menace feat. Robert Owens
    21. Mmm Skyscraper I Love You – Underworld
    22. Weird – Brioski Bonus Mix – Mohear
    23. Come To Me – Version Instrumental – Sunshine Jones
    24. Let’s Make Mistakes (Club) – Storm Queen
    25. The Deep End – Holy Ghost! Day School Dub – Curses!
    26. Skyrunner – Hologram
    27. Time Steals the Day – Milosh
    28. Make me feel – The Groovers
    29. It’s Killing Me – Demian Moreno
    30. Skywalker – Martinez
    31. Nightmares – Monitor 66 Remix – Emeron & Fox
    32. Nigth Stories – The Note V
    * People just got to keep on
    33. Rainbow Road – The Revenge Strings Of Fife Mix – Tornado Wallace
    34. Seni Seviyorum – Dale Middleton Remix – Mehmet Akar
    35. Space Available – Faux Metier
    36. Another Chords – Deep Active Sound
    37. She’s Got The Groove – The Note V
    * trying to get you to sing…
    38. U Fade – JNL Cinemafunk & Atlaas
    39. Above The Sea – DJ Junior CNYTFK & Dirty Vick
    40. We’re Going To Live – Faux Metier
    41. Dreamz – Urmet K
    42. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
    43. Call Me Tonight – Greg Wilson Version – Ilija Rudman
    44. Far Away – Draft
    45. Goodbye – Sixth Avenue Express
    46. Just Be Good To Mario – Hold On For Love Dub – The Revenge
    * Oh baby…
    47. Escape From New York – Filipsson
    * Hidden In the Sky
    48. SoND – Plaid Dragon
    49. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    50. Wheel In The Sky – Journey
    51. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 18 Minutes 30 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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    Thank you for listening, see you next month!

  4. Melanie:

    I Love You, soul Brotha! Thanks again for taking me higher than I thought I could go. namaste.