Sunday Soul: girlboyboygirl: December 21st 2008

“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my lids and all is born again.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)”

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us!!

  2. All done for tonight. thank you for listening.

    : )

  3. Last night’s transmission was ugly. Filthy, dirty, sloppy, rough, and totally beautiful. The mixing went on too long, the effects were out of control and almost every one of my vocals were out of tune, dire, and completely vulnerably diry and raw. I became a woman, and you became a man, we got down… and then You were a man, and so was I… we did it again, and when I turned to look you in the eyes… it was beautiful you. We slept like angels, deeply, and completely in love.

    What hallucinations are these? Who are you baby? What do you want? And why don’t you know?

    I undertook the gigantic task of exploring how we see ourselves and one another — gender roles, social medicine, and stereotypes. I wanted to express it in the first person, at times taking on the role, and standing in skeptical complaint, as well as embracing the confusion. Who are we? What is our place in this world? How do we express ourselves intimately, honestly, and lovingly? Where are our people, and how do we know them when we see them?

    Here is the tracklisting for Sunday Soul: boygirlgirlboy:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Someday – Acainstrumental – Cece Rogers (excerpt)
    3. Maria – Closer Musik
    * invocation
    4. Perfect Day – Acos CoolKAs Mix – Star You Star Me
    * It’s all right now
    5. Slow Movements In The Night – P-60
    * It’s already true
    6. I Forgot You feat. Clyde – Original Mix – Atjazz
    * who are you, what do you want, and why don’t you know?
    7. Kadena – Kawabata
    * Is this the real life?
    8. Majuro – Sebastien Leger
    9. Woman – House Dub – The Square Egg
    10. Steppenwolf – Jerome Sydenham’s Blacktro Dub Remix – H.O.S.H.
    11. So simple – Rasiyah
    12. Dream Machine – Spirit Catcher, Compuphonic
    * Up against the wall
    13. Karasu – Quarion
    * Use me baby
    14. Wakanapi – Original Mix – Pryda
    * Now that love is alive
    15. Fill up my heart – Sunshine Jones
    16. Move On feat. Georg Levin – Jimpster’s House Dub Mix – Random Factor
    17. Love Affair – Martinez 4am Eternal Lounge Room Killer Mix – Dalminjo
    18. Blind – Frankie Knuckles Remix – Hercules & Love Affair
    19. Alien in My Pocket – Lindbaek & Lindstrom
    20. One 2 One – Bart Skils, Anton Pieete, District One
    * Boy-Girl Girl-Boy
    21. The Power Of Intimacy – Already Mix – 4speakers
    22. Pretty Girl – Martini
    23. 123 – AxEr
    >> Sunshine demonstrates some of the difficulty of mixing digitally into vinyl and back
    24. Energy Flash – Joey Beltram
    25. Oblivion – Dixon’s Edit – I Cube
    * I believe in you
    26. Fragment – Galaxy
    * duck, duck, goose…
    27. Loveblind – Instrumental Mix – Headtrip, Jazzloungerz
    * Dive from the cliffs of San Cristobal de las Cassas
    28. Quiet Before The Storm – Quarion Remix – Foster
    29. Movin on – Lexx
    * There must be… somewhere in this world
    30. Rest Your Senses – Manuel Tur
    31. Persuasion – Original Mix – Kawabata
    32. Wake up and make love with me – Sunshine Jones
    33. Someday – Dub Mix – Cece Rogers
    34. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    35. West End Girls – Shep Pettibone 12: Single Version – Pet Shop Boys
    36. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 3 hours 45 minutes and 40 seconds
    * Performed Live

    Over your head? Right on target? Dunnoe baby. But there are more of us than any of us imagine. So open your heart, and get out your handkerchief cause we danced and danced and danced last night.

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    This show, such as it is, has truly saved my soul this year. I love you so big, and bright and deep. You make the whole world go ’round. Thank you.

    Happy Holidays!