Sunday Soul: free flight : September 14th 2008

…in essence they are all alike. The brotherhood of man consists not in thinking alike, nor in acting alike, but in aspiring to praise creation. The song of creation springs from the ruins of earthly endeavor. The outer man dies away in order to reveal the golden bird which is winging its way…

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  1. sunday soul is live now

  2. All done for this week. Hope you enjoyed your flight.
    We realize you have a choice in airlines, and the captain, and the entire cabin crew would like to thank you for choosing Sunday Soul.

    See you next week.


  3. Last night’s transmission of Sunday Soul was unexpected. I expected to broadcast the program, but I had something quite different in mind before I began. On that subject I’ve got good news and bad news…

    First the good news:
    I managed to mix down two new re edits for this week’s show, based upon the demo of “Free Flight” by Acos Coolkaas. The song is amazing and I’ve been listening to it over and over all week. The Re Edits I did were “Love on your side” by the Thompson Twins, and “Faded Flowers” by Shriekback. Unlikely re edits from me, but I’m in an unlikely mood. These are getting packed up right now and include instrumental versions as well for the digital shop at Treehouse Muzique. Don’t worry, I’ll write an announcement when it’s up and available.

    Now the bad news:
    The queen of my heart and I ened our relationship an hour or so before the transmission began. I was holding it together as best I could, but she wanted to stay and hear some of the show in person… I wanted her to stay longer than that, but in the realm of the heart, nothing makes sense to me right now. It hasn’t for a little while. Maybe it never has. So it was a little awkward… I had a liberated and delightful program for you, all planned, but I didn’t have the heart for it, and quickly made it a little darker, a lot more thoughtful, slightly angry, and technichally negligent. I’d say I was sorry about that if I was, but I’m not. You get me raw, unfiltered, and in the flesh on sundays… love it, or bail. I don’t care.

    As happy and/or sad as all that is, here is the tracklisting for Sunday Soul: Free Flight

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Get It Up For Love – Ned Doheny
    3. Stella – Extended Mix – Jam & Spoon
    4. Movin on – Lexx
    5. 77th Street – Dub Mix – Edwin Mulder
    6. Keeping Secrets – Ricardo Jefferson’s Hush Now Remix – Agent Matteo
    7. Yeah! – Herb Lf
    8. Double Gepardeu – Soft Rocks
    9. Alien in My Pocket – Lindbaek & Lindstrom
    10. Where Do I Fit – Narrator Mix – The Musicmaker
    11. Faded Flowers – Sunshine’s Revision – Shriekback
    12. Jinzou – Manuel Tur Remix – Sei A
    13. Things Are Gonna Get Easier – Woolfy’s Forgiveness Mix – Low Motion Disco
    14. Love on your side – Sunshine’s Revisionist Version – Thompson Twins
    15. Free Flight – Acos Coolkas
    16. We are what we are – Sunshine Jones *
    17. Sharing Positivity – Haus 33 Mix – Starrysky
    18. Whacha gonna do – Claude Monet & Torre Main Mix – Teddy Douglas
    19. Back To Rio Guadalguivir – Original Mix – Echonomist
    20. Easy Fever – Dizzy Remix – Moonraker
    21. Original Disco Motion – Dub Mix – Jay Shepheard
    22. Bachelet – Original Mix – Sonda
    23. Omega – Hiroshi Watanabe
    * Out here
    24. Inner City Pressure – Flight of the Chonchords
    25. Time and Space – Francois K
    26. Forever More – Francois Kevorkian Vocal Mix – Moloko
    27. Let love fly – Joe Clausell’s Extended Dance Version – Ananda Project
    28. Woman – House Dub – The Square Egg
    29. Eve – Apologist
    30. Think about it – Flight of the Chonchords
    31. Right Place Wrong Time – Dr. John
    32. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    33. I Get Lifted – George McCrae
    34. Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinéad O’Connor
    35. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    * live
    Total Running Time: 3 hours 11 minutes and 55 seconds

    I sang more, even had a little bit of a rant, but I can’t listen to the archive to find out what I actually did or said yet.

    All in all it was a little melodramatic, intense, sloppy, and lovely.

    The archive is posted now for your pleasure at the bottom of the community section at Treehouse Muzique as well as at the bottom of Sunday Soul.

    You can stream it, download it, or open it up in a pop up window and be on your way…


    See you next week.