Sunday Soul: Do you know how beautiful you are? : August 10th 2008

Well do you?


  1. Sunday Soul is live now!
    join us…

  2. Sunday Soul is all done for tonight. Thank you for listening. See you next week.

  3. Last night’s broadcast was the prefect reflection of the week which preceeded it. I was ready, and had a set sketched out which was really exciting to me. Mostly comprised of new music, and ideas I’d been wanting to express about internal dialogs, the question of what beauty really is, and how it finds us, how we reflect it back into the world. As I began the broadcast I realized that my Vestax VCI-100 control surface (which had begun to stutter a bit in Halifax last week) was completely fried. I unplugged it after a couple of bungled mixes without volume control, and went into manual mode. Anyone who mixes with Traktor knows that manual mode is pretty awkward… point and click, one thing at a time mixing is not the elegant DJ experience required to accomplish my goals for this week’s broadcast. I was gutted, a little vexed, and started getting pretty hung up on how I was going to scrape together the required $500 to replace it. I closed my eyes, and just let go. The controller was broken, lost to me, the show had begun… all my beautiful sunday friends were present, listening, talking, there with me, and I was in the hands of you… my community, my people. So I let go and set about mixing the broadcast as best I could.

    To me this is a most unexpected reflection, entirely unplanned, of what it is I really wanted to ask myself — what I really wanted to pose to you. Is it the selection? Is it the hour? Is it our shared history? Is it the technique? Is it the intention, the tempo, the sentiment, the purpose? How can it be any of this when each of us is entirely unique? Perhaps the magic of house music, mixology, transference, dance, and all that makes us reflect the beauty of our hearts is a unique combination of each of these things. An unrepeatable, irreplacable, and precious expression of our humanity, where the error is beautiful, and the unexpected is little more than the gems in our tiaras. Take it for what it’s worth. And don’t mind me. I love you, and am so grateful for your participation in my sunday night expression of my thinking, and heart’s fires.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: Do you know how beautiful you are? :

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Negai – Koss
    3. Beautiful Day – Banzai Republic vs Trentemoller – Laidback
    4. After The Rain – Sunday Brunch
    5. Square Up – Jimpster
    6. Stellar Way – Acos Coolkas
    7. Changes – Roland Appel
    8. Tides – Carl Craig Deep Movement Remix – Beanfield
    9. Another Chance – Astraglide’s Deep Remix – Difyl
    10. Intergalaction – Yuji Noto
    11. I’m A Bad Bad Boy – Theo Vaness
    12. I Do Love – Marcus Aurelius’ Shagstrumental – The Soul Live Elements
    13. Keep Believin’ – Tensnake
    14. I Go Deep – Original Mix – Jim Rivers
    15. Freak – Jimpster Main Mix – Haze
    16. O-Yah – Kiko Navaro
    17. Deviate – Manuel Tur &Dplay
    18. Spellbound – Dub Mix – Marcus Worgull
    19. Future Love – Presence
    20. Gotcha – Wet Cookies
    21. Beautiful Day – Shamlou
    22. Black in my soul – Tiger Stripes Dub Vix – Urban Soul
    23. To The Hill – Yuji Noto
    24. Nil By Mouth – Knightlife Remix – Bag Raiders
    25. Marcus’s love hate re-dub – Marcus Aurelius
    26. So Fucking Disco – Pase Rock
    27. She Talks To Me – Remix – Bar-Kays
    28. Brighter Days – Mousse T Fierce Vocal Mix – Big Moses
    29. Traveling miles full mix – Jenifa Mayanja
    30. Veins tu – Alexandre Bilodeau
    31. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    32. Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder
    33. The Look Of Love – Isaac Hayes
    34. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: Three hours and two seconds

    The archive is posted now to the bottom of the community area at Treehouse Muzique and Sunday Soul. You can download it, stream it, and open it up in a new window and continue on your way. You can also donate a little something to my control surface replacement fund by clicking the “donate” or “keep it alive” links below the archive if you’ve got a couple bucks to spare. That would change the world for me. No presure. I’m going to continue this adventure with or without a control surface. Here’s to experiments and surprises and everything beautiful in this world!

    Happy monday! See you next week.