Sunday Soul – cosmic love warriors – January 3rd 2010

“whatever you have in your mind – forget it
whatever you have in your hand – give it
whatever is to be your fate – face it”

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  1. sunday soul is live now!

  2. all done for tonight. thank you for listening!

  3. Last night’s transmission of Sunday Soul was a deep dive into space. It’s a new year, and that’s amazing, but it’s really only a calendar demarcation and that means to me that I most certainly carry the baggage of last year – and maybe the year before that – into the present, and into the future. So at the year’s beginning I have done my due diligence and gathered my friends together to wrap my arms around them and look into their eyes and tell them how precious they are to me, how deeply I love them, and together we reviewed all the things we promised ourselves last time the calendar year clicked over from one to the other to evaluate how well we kept our resolutions. I came out surprisingly well in that evaluation. I kept 4 out of 5 of my promises. It may be the best I’ve ever done before. And then what of the 365 days ahead? For me, rather than pretend I’ve got some mystical power over my heart, my mind, and the world around me, I felt it was time to gather my damage and let it spill out in front of me.

    And so the show was an intimate space odyssey of cosmic love, faith, skepticism, hope, love and light without editing, or any real planning. I wanted to play you pianos and strings, acoustic guitars, hand drums, and the deep dark sound of machines while I sifted through my own heart as sweetly, and as quietly as I could. I only played one song we know – Out Here – and that’s because I don’t think any regrouping would be complete without telling you the story of how we launched out into space in the first place. Otherwise I brought it out of the back of my mind, and took some risks. The show was long – just shy of 5 hours – and attendance was average. The chat was quick and loud, then soft and slow, I know that when I’m listening to a show on 90hz I am either working and listening while sitting down, or I’m up and dancing and so happy to be in motion. For myself I am rarely in the chat for long as a listener. So I took heart at the numbers from the server, and extended my antennae to reach you, and receive you. What did I find? How did it go? Please listen and let me know…

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – cosmic love warriors

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. a brass band in african chimes – Simple minds
    * intro
    3. As We Fall – Spiritchaser
    * til i was sure of you
    4. Innerfearence – Chateau Flight Remix – Spectral Empire
    5. Why – Dee Keepers
    * the heroes journey
    6. Xola – Dee Keepers
    7. Jupiter Calling – Thomas Schwartz
    * enduring relative degrees of autonomy
    8. Distant Vision – Sunshine Jones
    9. Future Love – Presence
    10. Wish – Chymera
    * jus gotta go
    11. Last Day – Kollektiv Turmstrasse
    * the essence of our progress is reflected in our preparations for a journey
    12. Holding back my love – Tensnake
    13. Tides – Chant Mix – Beanfield
    14. Dark Journey – Journey To The Light Mix – Outmode
    15. In The End (I Want To Cry) – Tensnake
    16. Rouge – Frontera
    * what dissolves in your hand wasn’t real at all
    17. Inside My Mind – Joe Smooth
    18. Work – Prins Thomas Remix – Junior Boys
    19. Missing You – Theo’s Missing Dub – Larry Heard
    20. Out Here – Sunshine Jones *
    21. Passion – Original Mix – Gat Decor
    22. Found Love – Double Dee and Danny
    23. Cube – Move D
    * a light went out
    24. Odyssey – Pryda
    25. Kept Within – Aril Brikha
    26. Pryda – Rymd – Pryda
    27. Don’t Try – Ron Trent, Chez Damier
    28. I Go Deep – Jim Rivers
    29. Nowhere – Crazy Penis Heatwave Mix – Aquanote
    30. Rej – A Hundred Birds Remix – Âme
    31. Brown Eyes – Maulongated Version – MAU vs Fleetwood Mac
    32. Space Is The Place – Dubbin Version – Ital Foods, Ron Trent
    33. Inside Out – Kink & Neville Watson
    34. Ensor – Âme
    35. UNI – 4 am satisfaction mix – Soulsearcher
    * the world won’t change for you
    36. The Passion – Manuel Tur & DPlay Remix – Phonique, Kiloo
    37. Glow & Glare – Âme Remix – Jazzanova
    38. Balearic Incarnation – Shari Vari
    * sweet nothings for no one
    39. Home At The Sea – Sarrass
    40. Another Day – Bliss
    41. a brass band in african chimes – Simple minds
    42. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    43. I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From – Royksopp Remix – Kings of Convenience
    44. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 50 Minutes 23 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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