Sunday Soul: Contortionista: December 7th 2008

These things we feel, the really painful things, are not “bad” or “good”… No, these things allow us to grow, and create space within us for more, for other things.

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  1. April:

    Sunshine, I lived above you at Bryant St with Tad and Mark. Missed Dubtribe’s music when it disappeared. Very happy to see 7 Tracks in 7 days — my husband and I enjoy listening a great deal. You’re talented as ever. I hope all is well with your little one. Wasn’t Forrest his name? We watch for your live performances, but don’t see much. Hoping all is good for you. April

  2. Hi April!

    So nice to hear from you. Yes, things are good. I am always traveling and playing all over the world. Solo now, no more Dubtribe. My son is almost 8 years old — can you even believe that ???

    I actually try not to perform much in San Francisco… it’s home and i like to keep it as special as possible here. There’s something pretty awesome coming up on the 23rd of January.

    Here’s the link

    Let me know if you want to come and I’ll add you to my guest list.

    There are a lot of sunday soul archives over at

    hours and hours of my music…

    And there’s a little shop at

    Apart from that I am hard at work on two new albums at once, and I could use your support.

    Lotsamusic on the way!

    * hug *


  3. Sunday Soul is live now…
    Join us!

  4. beautiful, lovely, filthy, sexy, amazing, euphoric…

    thank you for listening.

    good night!

  5. Maybe it’s just because I am changed, and everything’s been re arranged within me (yes, i went to bed on Saturday night skeptical, but awoke Sunday morning with a big bright smile on my face and the world was changed, I was free) but this is one of the most wonderful sunday soul transmissions in recent memory. Despite distortion, a few moments where the van went up on two wheels, and some half moon insanity, to be there, to experience this moment — or rather, this series of moments over the course of the evening — was transformative and amazing for me. I don’t know if the crunchy archive will do it justice, but what was planned as a lament, a twisting and folding up of myself turned into a marvelous untwisting… a filthy, sexual, romantic, passionate, and wide open tetangling of my internal hairs. No more tears. Way ta go.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: Contortionista

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Alone in Kyoto – Air
    3. All About Love – Analog City
    4. Washes OVer Me – Rasmus Faber Epic Dubstrumental – Heather Johnson
    5. 321 – AxEr
    * Fill up my heart (with a little distortion, and a mixing accident at the end… hooah!)
    6. Time For Changes – Faxe
    7. Galaxia – Motorcitysoul Remix – Marcello Giordani
    * somewhere in here we got the distortion under control…
    8. I Think Of You – Love Sick Mix – Kerri Chandler
    9. Hello Moon – WLD Edit – Heather Brooks
    10. UNI – 4 am satisfaction mix – Soulsearcher
    * Wonder wonder
    11. Vesuvius – Original Mix – Square One
    * I’m free
    12. La Ritournelle – Metronomy Mix – Sebastien Tellier
    13. Night Falls – Booka Shade
    14. Let Me Luv U – Nigel Hayes Remix – Jori Hulkkonen
    15. Lost And Found – Brendon Moeller
    * Love come alive
    16. I Love You – Alex S – Remix – Unity
    17. Deeper – Manuel Tur Remix – Blakkat
    18. Around The World In 80 Seconds – Nostromo
    19. Cause I know – Jay Leblone’s spititual mix – The Groovers
    * Contortionista
    20. Deep Beginning – Karol XVII, MB Valence
    * I live you more now that you’ve gone
    21. Purple Budd – Thick As Thieves
    22. Bring On The Night feat – Marcus – Rocco TroDeep Remix – Cloudkickers
    23. Oh My Love – Atlanta Remix – Deep Freeze Productions
    24. Paris (Aeroplane Remix) – Friendly Fires
    25. City to city – House of 909
    * baby, get down any way you want
    26. All About Love – Dub – Analog City
    27. 123 – AxEr
    * Fucking in the dark
    28. Blueprint – Kink & Neville Watson
    * Making love in the light
    29. Roses – Bangana Remix – Clarisse Muvemba
    * stop talking and let go…
    30. The Absurdity of Possesion – Sunshine Jones *
    31. The Killer Storm – Homerun
    32. Kon Tiki – Karma
    33. Sunday Soul- Program ID
    34. Neon Lights – Kraftwerk
    35. Sunday Soul- Program ID

    Total running time: Three hours Fourty Nine minutes and Twenty Five seconds
    * Performed live

    Support Sunday Soul:
    Beside the download links, there is an opportunity for you to contribute a little something to Sunday Soul to help keep this transmission up, active, and free.
    It’s expensive to maintain, and hard work to keep current and active. Your support is welcome, needed, and wanted.

    Miss us?
    If you didn’t make the scene, or you want to do it again you can listen to the archive. It’s posted up now to the footer of the community forum at Treehouse Muzique – My record label and also at the bottom of the index page at Sunday Soul – the home page for this program.

    You can stream it, open it up into a new window and continue brwosing the inter-web, or download it to your desktop for your iPod…

    Technical Notes:
    For mac users, usually just clicking the download link will open the archive into a new window… it looks like a quicktime player and unless you have Quicktime Pro it’s not possible to save that to your desktop.

    So option click the download link, and the mac os will ask you where you would like to save the file. Easy-pants.

    Flash 10: There’s a hassle with Flash 10. My players and pretty things don’t currently work for the new flash update. It sucks, but I haven’t got the dough to upgrade my software right now, and so until I do, anyone with flash 10 will have to download the archives and will not be able to stream it from the web. Sorry. I’ll get it sorted out just as soon as I can.

    Aside from that it was a wonderful transmission, truly a transformative experience for me. I loved making love with all of you at once, in the dark, and then again with the lights on. I wish you had been here to dance with me, and lay beside me, sipping tea and whispering until the sun came up.

    Maybe someday…

    heh. Maybe never.

    I love you, and am so grateful for you.

    See you next week!


  6. christina:

    I have been so busy. So much is happening.
    My husband is leaving town “forever” Friday.
    My heart is numb.
    My heart is so tired.
    I see clearly now.

    I downloaded Sunday Soul Monday
    am finally listening here in my studio tonight..

    I’m replaying this song which I just love:

    I Love You – Alex S – Remix – Unity

    and I love how Deeper comes in next as I LOVE love love that track….moves me every single time I hear it.

    Thank you for Sunday Soul

    Thank you for reminding me I am alive.

  7. Oh sweet, wonderful, beautiful Christina…

    You most certainly are quite alive.

    * hug *

  8. christina: