Sunday Soul Comes of Age


It’s looking more and more interesting for Sunday Soul lately. A few weeks ago I did an intimate broadcast from the balcony of a friend’s house which went beautifully. This past weekend I broadcast the program from the rooftop of Club Five in Washington DC and it was absolutely unhinged in the best possible way. On the heels of these wonderful experiments in mobile broadcasting, I am delighted to announce that begining July 29th Sunday Soul will be happening live in New York City once a month. The idea will remain the same, a theme for each event, featuring an extended performance from me. However in hopes of building a community in Manhattan, and bringing the spirit of club LOVE and Sunday Soul together, the themes will be based on down to earth community forums which we will host at the club from 6pm until 8pm (eastern time) and then begin the broadcast.

Theme for July 29th:
forum: 6 – 8pm
Hanick, Sleepy and Boo, Willie Graff, and Ebar
an open discussion about being a dj and a resident.
8pm to whenever: broadcast.

Theme for August 27th:
Forum: 6 – 8pm
Lisa Shaw, Monique Bingham, Barbara Tucker, and Moonbeam Jones
Talking about being a singer, house music, and what that’s all about.
Dance: 8pm until whenever
The vocalists stay and sing with me during my set.

Theme for September:
Forum: 6pm – 8pm
Michael Sultan, and a couple of NYC hand drummers come and talk about what it means to them to drum, how that relates to House.
8pm until whenever: Dance
We start a drum circle and go for it.
I mix in and we go all night if we can.

In this spirit I hope to bring peope together for all sorts of reasons, but mainly to create discussion and exchange in much the same way that when we give ourselves to the music and dance, anything can happen it’s true, but most importantly we grow and shift and feel alive.

To more purely honor Sunday Soul as an event, I am about to launch I’ll keep my writing here, and continue to promote as I have in the past, but I felt that it might be time to present a unified and singular home for the program as she begins to reach in a broader direction.

Also, now we can show our community love and joy with a Sunday Soul T-shirt:

Sunday Soul

Sunday Soul
Forward on the front, backward on the left

Sunday Soul NYC

Sunday Soul NYC

Finally, after a wonderful dinner with my friend Luis Barro from the Move, it’s looking pretty good for Sunday Soul to make the move to XM Radio. I’m not leaving 90hz, in fact, the XM broadcasts will not be simulcasts, rather, the Move will run my archives a week behind… but it’s an exciting development for my humble sunday evening virtual gathering, and I am delighted to see her growing and evolving and spreading her wings.

Late Addition:
Sunday Soul now has it’s own website:

And a myspace profile:

please friend us on myspace, and listen and chat tonight through the interface. Let’s test it out together!


  1. Jaya:

    You’re ON FIRE! Blazing! : )

  2. Someone I love dearly once said to me:

    “If you’re passionate about something… set yourself on fire with it and people will gather to watch you burn”

    That may be the best thing anyone has ever said to me.

  3. gabriel:

    nice forum ideas preceding, mr .

    also for your first one you should show up in NYC on Saturday because DJ Harvey is having a birthday party at Love…. and DJ Harvey is awesome.

  4. Sarah:


  5. nice forum ideas preceding, mr .

    also for your first one you should show up in NYC on Saturday because DJ Harvey is having a birthday party at Love…. and DJ Harvey is awesome.

    Actually, it’s looking like I’ll be there Friday and Saturday.

    : )

  6. More!


  7. marigold:

    that is VERY exciting! If only you could mic and netcast the discussions. I know that could depersonalize it.

  8. this is a helluva idea. there have been panels at the detroit electronic music festival on the development of detroit techno…and a similar panel at indiana university. but i’m not familiar with attempts to examine house music.

    house music as long been self-aware, but this is represents a critical step forward. it’d definitely be a good idea to tape (and podcast) this if possible.

  9. I think you have a point. I agree that documenting what we discuss would be valuable, and have potentially a greater experience beyond the moment.

    However, I don’t think we’re aspiring to get up on any soap box here, or tell anyone what to think or do. Perhaps the value of intimacy, and casual conversation may be the best quality Sunday Soul has to offer.

    For now, we’ll keep it entre nous, and spoken without microphones and go from there.

  10. Hey Sunshine, how do you technically pull this off? Is it that at every spot there is enough bandwidth via an internet connection to stream it?

  11. *jenni.: