Sunday Soul: come here go away baby: April 19th 2009

come here go away baby

“Under the loving heart’s guidance, we come together to share joy. Under the ego’s direction, we come together to share desperation. Negativity, however, cannot really be shared because it is an illusion. ‘A special relationship is a kind of union from which union is excluded.’

A relationship is not meant to be a joining at the hip of two emotional invalids. The purpose of a relationship is not for two incomplete people to become one, but rather for two complete people to join together for the greater good of what life has to offer.

The special relationship is a device by which the ego separates rather than joins us. Based on a belief in internal emptiness, it is always asking ‘What can I get?’, whereas the loving heart asks ‘What can I give?’ The ego seeks to use other people to fulfill our needs as we define them. Certain voices go on endlessly these days about whether or not our needs are being met in a relationship. But when we try to use a relationship to serve our own purposes, we falter because we are reinforcing our illusion of need. Under the ego’s guidance we’re always looking for something, yet always sabotaging what we’ve found.”

Sister Victorine’s unrequited love:

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now!

  2. all done for this week. thank you for listening.

  3. Last night’s transition was messy, unbridled, and filthy — just the way i like it.

    I heard the story of come here — go away babies and immediately identified. I read up on Hans Asperger and his life’s work with autistic “little professors” who were disconsolate when their mothers left the room, but shut down entirely upon their return. This lead to a story of a nun who was in love with a researcher who devoted her life to his work. They worked beside one another for years, and when the day arrived that he turned to take her face into his hands, and whisper sweetly to her, she saw her love differently as it was yanked into the real world. She backed away and re declared her love and marriage to God as a means of rejecting him. Heartbroken, the doctor withdrew. The nun prayed, meditated and reflected upon her feelings, and returned to her true love, admitting she was in love with the man, and that she was now willing to kiss his lips, and abandon her path for the greater good of what God had created between them. Heartbroken, and unable to trust the nun, the doctor said “no,” and they never spoke of love between them again.

    Marianne Williamson says “A relationship is not meant to be a joining at the hip of two emotional invalids. The purpose of a relationship is not for two incomplete people to become one, but rather for two complete people to join together for the greater good of what life has to offer.” and I couldn’t agree more. And so I welcome this wind, and dance in her gentle breeze as she comes, and goes…

    Attendance last night was wonderful, the discussion was moving fast, and I was lost in my own thoughts, working out a few things of my own. I caught a comment somewhere in the first hour that someone was worried about me. I laughed, and reminded everyone that these themes, these words, this transmission is art, expression, my craft, and while they always express my own weakness, frailty, vulnerability, passion, and pain, they are obect d’art, and not personal per se. I mean, how could anything be more personal, right? But still, they are performance, and meant to be taken in, addressed as temporary, and let go of. Everyone was relieved to hear this, and I felt better having said it.

    Four hours and eleven minutes went by so fast that it never really felt like I came up for air. But in the end, sitting in my bay window, grateful and calm, feeling the blazing hot san francisco night breeze blowing against my face I reveled in the sense that fear has not ruled me, nor won the struggle of my relationships. While I may not be interested in things which have no meaning to me, and yes, I believe in love,
    I am so blessed to have access to the contents of my heart, and the ability to give it freely without fear, or the mental constructs which might diminish or destroy it. And I hope that somewhere in there Corbin and Emily found their flashlight.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: come here go away baby:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Hou Anthem. Kalabrese
    * introduction
    3. Share The Night – Breakdown Mix – World Premiere
    * indecision
    4. Don Quichotte – Fractured Super Disco Edit – Magazine 60
    * as if the nineteen eighties never happened man
    5. Could Have Been Number 2 – Fish Go Deep
    * this conversation is over
    6. Deep City – Original Mix – Junior Lopez
    * Sister Victorine’s unrequited love
    7. My Love feat. Gemma Roe – Dub Mix – Audio Affinity
    * gunning for your heart
    8. Sapphire – Escort Remix – Zombi
    9. Whispers – Aeroplane
    10. Shingaling – Rainer Weichold Remix – Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas
    * stepping into the hole in the floor of the dirigible’s passenger compartment
    11. Love Someone (Mario Basanov & Vidis Inst.) – Atjazz feat. Robert Owens
    12. I Go Deep – Dubstrumental – DJ Funky Chocolate
    13. Whacha gonna do – Claude Monet & Torre Main Mix – Teddy Douglas
    14. So̱ando Contigo РSunshine Jones Extended Remix РKiko Navarro
    15. Come With Me – Brett Johnsons Flavor Of The Moment Mix – Alexkid
    16. Change The World – Jihad Muhammad Vocal Mix – Dennis Ferrer
    17. My Reflection Acapella – Osunlad
    18. Who Would Be A Traffic Warden – Phantom Slasher
    19. Don’t Fight It, Feel It – Primal Scream
    20. Something Called Acid – Butch
    21. Galaxia – Motorcitysoul Remix – Marcello Giordani
    * Go away baby… maybe… no stay
    22. Pearls On A String – Plasmik
    23. There For Me – Main Vocal Mix – Fish Go Deep
    24. Hanabi – Hideo Kobayashi
    25. For The Time Being feat. Erlend Oye – Original Mix – Phonique
    26. Someone Else See An Opaque Image – Shingo Suwa
    27. Skyline – Original Mix – Motego Muzik
    * I love you in the twilight
    28. Night Fever – Jon Silva’s Babe A Pella – Soda Inc.
    * come here go away baby
    29. Used to Dub You – Original Mix – Toka Project
    30. Limitations – Original Mix – Lindstrom
    31. Natural Deep – Herb Lf Rmx – Jesus Gonsev
    * capitalist pig
    32. Don’t Go – Minus 8
    33. My Love feat. Gemma Roe – JedSet Hearts The Soul Instrumental Mix – Audio Affinity
    * prove me wrong
    34. Something To Go – Monodeluxe
    35. Washes OVer Me – Rasmus Faber Epic Dubstrumental – Heather Johnson
    * wake up and make love with me
    36. Cellophane Lover – The Popular Peoples Front
    37. Spectacle Wins – Only Fools & Horses
    * let it come down
    38. Do It Again – SMQ Re Edit – Steely Dan
    39. Come to me – s. jones
    40. Love To The World feat. Blaze – Rufuss Remix – Sven Love, Catalan FC
    41. Nightporter – Japan
    42. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    43. Funky Back Home – Sunshine’s Soul Mix – Dubtribe Sound System
    44. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 11 Minutes 19 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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  4. John MacNeil:

    Sunshine, you are my lifeline, as I write this I am listening to your contigo mix–which is quite smooth. -John
    PS Can’t wait to hear what’s gonna hit my ear

  5. John MacNeil:

    oh no it’s onion! what’s up boy?