Sunday Soul – awakened by dreams of leaving you – April 10th 2011

” … wide awake. tears fell down my face. and i rubbed at my eyes until there was nothing left of you “

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now
    Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    all done for this week. thank you for listening. really, thank god for you.

    good night!

  3. Sunshine:

    In his book ‘Problems of Modern Psychology,’ C. G. Jung said, “In sleep, fantasy takes the form of dreams. But in waking life, too, we continue to dream beneath the threshold of consciousness, especially when we are under the influence of other unconscious complexes.” According to Jung, these contributing complexes are not exactly unhealthy pathology, but actually part of our collective whole. Each of us has our own complexes, and that can not be denied – However, if you consider yourself “normal” and/or complex free kindly stay as far away from me as possible please – Going further, Jung extrapolated that in addition to being the method by which we all connect together in our collective awareness, the subconscious complexes are actually manifestations of our various personalities. Thus when we are dreaming, the ego mind is free to explore without boundaries, and while we are waking, while we are more limited by our frontal lobes, and the constructs of our super ego, and general belief that we are both alone, and a singular entities, but our undercurrents, our dream-life, and our various personality aspects are co-mingling, and interacting with our present sense of consciousness all the time.

    To explain this in simple, waking terms: We have all experience the sense that when we are lonesome, everyone around us appears to be in a deeply happy romantic coupling. Everywhere we go we see crowds of laughing friends, people doing things together, and we close up a little more, feeling angry, or left out, or jealous. It’s a normal part of human development. But what’s happening is that we are suffering from a “complex” that we are lonely (there’s a whole lot to say about this, but I’m bravely stepping over it here for the purposes of getting to the point.) As the result our lonely complex is interacting with the world and seeing only groups, lovers, the joy of companionship. How the mind amplifies this, and extrapolates the information – making us more lonely, or making us feel joy and hope – is entirely unique from person to person and each of us is a beautiful tapestry of our own history, learning, emotional and physical experience, as well as chemistry. But what Jung is saying is that just because we are awake, that doesn’t mean we aren’t dreaming.

    A few nights back I was awakened from quite a dream. I found myself in your arms, it was visceral and true. The fact is I believe it would have been difficult to convince me that I was dreaming if you’d appeared in my dream to discuss it with me. In a deep and romantic embrace, absolutely lost in each other, I tasted you, smelled you, and felt you. You raised your head, and I felt your hair slowly sliding off of my face and shoulders, your face came into almost focus, and your lips moved to speak. At once I was sitting upright in my bed – completely aroused, no, furiously aroused – and tears simply fell from my eyes down my face. There were no convulsions or tears, no screwed up face, no weeping, only tears and lots of them. I looked quickly about the room, unable for a moment to orient or work out quite what was happening. I could not tell the difference between my dream, and this moment now in waking.

    The dream dictionary describes the word “leaving” as either avoiding trouble – when we are the one’s leaving – or premonition (usually of news from afar, or someone trying to reach us) when we dream of others leaving. I think that’s curious that when we dream of people leaving us, that the collective decision of dream interpreters is that someone is trying to reach us, or that news of some kind is coming. Typically when I go, my message has already been delivered, but I’m going to demure to the experts here, and trust with an amused interest and go with it.

    So when I wake, and dry my eyes, rubbing them with self love and gentle consideration until you are gone, I wonder what it was you were trying to tell me. I wonder, but only briefly, what on earth you might have to tell me which I don’t already understand, and hear, and know.

    I wanted to play a set of music for you that would reach you. A hopeless effort, I know, but it was important for me to do. Since we’re only speaking in dreams, and maybe it better this way, it’s useless to try to say in words when dreams have endless images, sounds, words, and situations to offer, I wanted to reach out to your sweet face, and dance with you a while before I climbed back into my vintage submarine, and sailed back into the pale blue sky from whence I came.

    I’ll never really leave you. There’s no possible way to depart. I love you, and I belong to you. Even if I followed my Prince’s example and asked the snake to help me return to my planet, I would only fall to the ground and live forever in your heart. And so I remain here, with my heart in my own warm and loving arms, willing to accept that saying goodbye is only another sweet way of telling you that I love you with all of my heart.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – awakened by dreams of leaving you:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Round & Round – Stallions Remix – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
    * intro
    3. Low Rider – Bonar Bradberry Remix – Jordan Peak
    * awakened by dreams of leaving you
    4. I’m Feelin You – Henrik Schwarz Remix – Omar vs. Stevie Wonder
    5. Straight to the Point – Malistix Remix – Isabelle Antena
    6. So Fo Real – Free Magic
    7. Una Domenica Italiana – Cécile & Delphi
    * you said you loved me, but you don’t
    8. When You Love Someone – Daphne
    9. You Got The Love – Edmund
    10. December – Instrumental – Massivan
    * submarine crash on a red planet
    11. Heartbreaker – Wolfgang Gartner Remix – MSTRKRFT
    12. Hubabuba – Sunshine Jones Vox Sample Remix – Dana Bergquist
    13. Never Let Me Go – Aeroplane Remix Edit – The Human League
    14. Tonight – Unders Remix – Eddie Hoey
    15. While You Were Sleeping – Sunshine Jones featuring Carmen Martines
    16. Structure – Dream Traveler
    * return me to love
    17. Work That – Sweat Your Ass Off Instrumental – DJ Dew
    18. Yours – Steffi featuring Virginia
    19. New Religion – Marcus Marr Remix – TiNPONG
    20. Are We There Yet – Audiofly X
    21. Warm Sun On My Face – full 15 minutes live version – Sunshine Jones *
    22. Perradulta – Massivan
    23. Cosmic Love – Morgan Page Bootleg Remix – Florence + The Machine
    24. Anjuna – Darren Gregory
    * higher
    25. Low Rider – Subb-an & Adam Shelton Remix – Jordan Peak
    26. For My Love – Barnabun
    28. Don’t Leave me – Franck Roger
    29. Sleeping With The Lizards – Juho Kahilainen
    30. The Sun – Sunshine Jones DLAMB Rework – Heatmerchantz
    31. The Rose – The Laughing Light of Plenty
    32. Why Don’t You Answer – SirBilly Edit – Eberhard Schoener
    33. Little Countries – Neurotic Drum Band Remix – TRAPAVOID
    * captain’s announcement that we’re on our own
    34. Can’t Break Loose – Touchsoul Regroove – Orlando Johnson
    35. For Emma – Bon Iver
    36. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    37. Stars All Seem To Weep – Beth Orton
    38. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 35 Minutes 41 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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  4. Silentsister:

    This set was amazing, so welcomed, so healing…by the end I was felling peaceful and smiling again….meeting you in the middle somewhere.

  5. Gabriel Correa:

    amazing show! thank you

  6. Greg Boyer:

    I will be using that phrase. Dig it !!!

  7. Tracie Acreman:

    It was a wonderful Sunday Soul, sunshine; my little umbrella is still carrying me along, not too high, not too low, but steadily ahead. Think I’ll keep hanging onto it. It’s the dream of all I can be : )

  8. Rosemary Barajas:

    to sleep, perchance to dream… sweet Sunshine, thank you

  9. Ocean's Edge:

    your sets always speak to me in dream form–each one is like a series of beautiful images, both real and surreal, lovingly woven together into an exquisite tapestry that gives me warmth and nourishes me with food for thought.

  10. Emory:

    Absolutely amazing, it is as if you told the story of my night last night…

  11. John Relles:


  12. Ashely O'Hara:

    just because we are awake, that doesn’t mean we aren’t dreaming- i like this. =)