Sunday Soul – at this tent’s passing – December 20th 2009

” because the Woman I love lives Inside of you,
I lean as close to your body with my words
as I can

and I think of you all the time.

because the One I love goes with you
Wherever you go, I will always be near.

if you sat before me, wayfarer,
with your aura bright from your many charms,

my lips could resist rushing to you
and needing to befriend your blushed cheek,

but my eyes can no longer hide the wondrous fact
of who you really are.

the Beautiful One whom I adore has pitched
His royal tent inside of you,

so I will always lean my heart
as close to your soul
as I can.”

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now!

    Join us!

  2. aaahhh…

    baby I needed that so bad. thank you for listening. see you next week.

  3. Last night’s transmission was beautiful, just what I needed. The stars have been so bright over San Francisco lately. These clear nights between rainstorms have taken my breath away, and tonight was no exception.

    Astr0 won the contest. I asked, at the top of the broadcast (in the chat) if anyone could figure out what this week’s theme – at this tent’s passing – was all about. It’s a play on words, and I love words so much, and only astr0 figured out that it was “past tense.” To be fair, Diana and Matty figured it out earlier in the day, but it didn’t count cause I Was saving the question for the actual broadcast. Courtney arrived late, and was concerned that I wasn’t talking, or singing. She missed me and asked about it, a couple of other people who maybe also came later said “sing us a song!” You know I don’t take requests, but since I love you, I added a song for you and sang it right to you. The show was warm, sweet, we made new friends, and even Tre had to at least try to stick of for some of our traditions. Sometimes people are so busy talking about themselves that they forget to listen. Listening is hard when we feel we have so much to say. I understand. It happens to me all the time.

    I wanted to take it slower tonight. We had a longer journey to make, and so I wanted to pace myself, and take us there as gently and kindly as possible. My theme “at this tent’s passing” was a play on words, but it comes from a beautiful poem by Hafez called “The woman I love” and talks about how how sensual love, the attraction and charms of the sensual world are delightful, but resistible. However, when God has pitched his royal tent inside of someone, and we become aware of it, then we know what love truly is. You don’t have to believe in a traditional “god” to understand what Hafez is talking about – I don’t think. There is surely love everywhere, all at once in this world, and we are hung up enough about trying to express it. Sometimes we express it with complaints and criticism, other times we pine and moan at our desks just beaming with the overwhelming feeling of what we call “love” and place above all other forms of love. Only love is real, nothing else actually exists. Our thinking appears to produce our feeling, and when we think about how we feel then we create a force of nature which I doubt any doctor, or any pill could cure. But when we actually inhabit the moment well enough to identify the presence of the universe – god if you will – in the eyes of another, then we have awakened to something which transcends the age of reason, and all the poetry mankind have written on the subject.

    These royal tents have been so kind to me. Tonight I wanted to express my grief at their passing. So I sat quietly, after telling my stories at the start of the show, and watched with all the love in my heart as the red winds of the north came to blow them off into the night – golden cables, red velvet tarps, silver tapestries and all. It’s been a long week, and I needed you tonight. I’m so glad you were here. Thank you.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – at this tent’s passing

    1. Sunday Soul -Program ID
    2. Kontinents – Force Of Nature
    * Introduction
    * right now
    3. Kahluha Madness – Ytre Rymden Dansskola
    * The woman I love – Hafez
    4. Living Without Your Love – Walter Jones
    5. Last Day – Kollektiv Turmstrasse
    * a nice goodbye
    * Jule’s story
    * Mark’s story
    * Jodie’s story
    * Thierry’s story
    6. In A While / The Voice From Planet Love – Dixon Edit – Precious System
    7. MP1 – Lexx’s Turning Orange Edit – Mountain People
    8. steppers boot – mix 3 – Unknown
    9. La Vie Moderne – Logo
    10. As Long As We’re Together – M1 Dub – Naked Souls
    11. Backroom Honey – Saeed Younan
    12. Ancestral Song – Osunlade Yoruba Soul Remix – Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
    13. Smoking Mirror – Lee Curtiss
    * take you by surprise
    14. Persuasion – Kawabata
    * brushing the sand from your eyelashes
    15. Saffron Dreams – Prem Joshua
    16. Aviator – Poze
    * after all this time
    17. Atmosphrique – Metro Area
    18. Feel It – Joey Negro Club Mix – Joey Negro
    19. Mendocino – Costa Sonido
    20. Mahogany – Zwicker’s Dragon Spruce Remix – Lexx
    21. Hello Moon – WLD Edit – Heather Brooks
    22. Straight From The Heart – Difyl
    23. I Love You My Hope (Do Right Remix) – Hird
    24. Atlantis – Acos Coolkas Day mix – Solila
    25. Ghetto Feel – Inkfish
    26. Miss You – Sunshine’s 119 Re edit – Rolling Stones
    27. Abyss Clash – JanusD
    28. No Disgrace – Audiomontage Remix – Deepchild
    29. anywhere you are… – Sunshine Jones
    30. Deep Dive – Soul Pace Mix – Slytek
    31. Low Point – Roberto Rodriguez
    32. The absurdity of possession – Sunshine Jones *
    33. Miss You – Calico
    34. Mellow – Muzzaik Remix – Muzzaik Productions presents URH
    35. Where Do I Fit – Narrator Mix – The Musicmaker
    36. jump and prance – dream mix – Dreamhouse
    37. Beautiful Connection – Frank Solano
    38. Night Falls – Booka Shade
    39. Les Djinns – Trentemoller Remix – Djuma Soundsystem
    40. In Different Memories – Cresp Eye Remix – Lazio Kasaa, Alec Cresp
    * A prayer to action
    41. Sunday Soul -Program ID
    42. Ali Mullah Natacha’s Lament – Makyo mix – Transglobal Underground
    43. Sunday Soul -Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 00 Minures 50 Seconds
    * performed live

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