Sunday Soul – angels – April 17th 2011

” everywhere “

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now
    Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    All done for this week. Thank you for listening.
    See you next week LIVE from Vancouver…

  3. Sunshine:

    The word “angel’ is derives from the greek word Malakh, and it simply means ‘messenger.’ The Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions adopted the words ‘Malakhim’ – ‘Mal??kah’ to mean “spiritual messanger,” in fact, the name Malachi simply means ‘messenger.’ So the use of the word in ancient language is contextually dependent. Not every angel is a visit from heaven. There are supernatural messengers, spiritual messengers, as well as earthly message delivery as well. What began as a slender traveller from the mountains arriving in a city with word from distant territories is expressed today with the chime of a text message, or perhaps a subconscious feeling to go this way, or that way. In that way, angels — regardless of your particular strictures and beliefs — are absolutely everywhere, all the time.

    In his film Wing of Desire, film maker Wim Wenders set out on a scriptless search to produce a film which showed not only the invisible love of people through the eyes of unseen angels, but also the compassion and love of these angels who’s aching hearts, and wonder at our human experience was enough to break even their heavenly hearts. But in this breaking, they did not fall away, nor leave us, rather, they approached, and embraced us all even more. One of my favorite films ever made, Wings of Desire presents a unique vision of how in our isolation we are in no way alone, rather, we are connected irrevocably in our thoughts, hearts, and bodies. Angels are always with us, listening, loving, and embracing every one of our thoughts, our hearts, and our minds. What I take away from this film, and these ideas is that the Buddhists are wrong. Life is not suffering… while many of us choose to suffer… life’s true nature is love. And it’s amazing to me how we recoil from stillness, calm, and quiet. We cover our eyes in the face of overwhelming beauty and declare that it is sad, or worse – boring. We continue to choose the sea salt sandcastles constructed by the ego, distracting ourselves, running in circles, never challenging them to discover how fragile their pillars really are, and how truly beautiful the mists and twinkling lights of absolutely any moment of stillness can be.

    I wanted to build a tower of slowly moving heart beats tonight. I wanted to reach the beautifully full moon and dance with you in her beautiful light. Letting the waves wash over us, and taking all the time we needed to simply be, and unfold, unravel, and let go. This was my intention, not because I believe I am an angel, but because I believe that you are. Because I love you so.

    Dry your eyes, set down your easy snacks, flip off your television, close up your laptop, and listen to the wind for the love song of angels. Can you hear it? It’s in your heart. It is everywhere…

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – angels:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Four hands – Hizou
    * the miracle of you
    3. When Poets Dreamed Of Angels – David Sylvian
    4. River People – Malistix edit – Weather Report
    5. L.O.V.E. – BlackLodge
    6. Evolution – Haules Baules Re-Evolution Mix – Finite Source
    7. Secret Fire – The Peaking Goddess Collective
    8. Back Together – Fred Everything, Atjazz
    9. Don’t You Want Me – Extended Dance Dub – The League Unlimited Orchestra
    10. Lonely People – ADC Cum On Edit – Lil louis
    * angels are everywhere
    11. Early Morning – Deep in Havana Remix – Derek Turcios
    12. Neeve – Projections, Woolfy
    13. Angel – Afropsychopathz
    14. Late Nite – I-5 Mix – Projections
    15. Adaptations – Andreas Saag
    * witness to time
    16. Tour De Fonque – H.O.S.H.
    17. Warm Sun On My Face – Sunshine Jones
    * just the intro beats – I couldn’t bear to play it, I’m sorry.
    18. Perradulta – Massivan
    * atone
    19. While You Were Sleeping – Dub – Sunshine Jones
    20. I Need – Hugg & Pepp Remix – Robert Owens, Marc Romboy
    21. Heaven – Sunshine Jones’ Re-Edit – Rolling Stones-ish
    22. Give Me Love – Coburn
    23. Inside Out – Mondo Disco’s Elektrik Loft Conversion – Aural Graffiti
    24. Anjuna – Darren Gregory
    * ghost story
    25. We Don’t Have Much Time – Neville’s Dub – Yuki Suzuki
    26. Let Me Go – Neville Watson
    27. I’m So High – Eden Transmission
    28. Naked Goddess – Sciadare, JMP
    29. Miracle feat. Metropoliz – Instrumental Version – Acos CoolKAs
    * cassielle loves marion
    30. In A While / The Voice From Planet Love – Dixon Edit – Precious System
    31. Heavenly Trax – Jonny Nash Remix – Cos/Mes
    32. Swoon – Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix – Chemical Brothers
    33. Circuit – Aeroplane Remix – David Rubato
    34. Love Action – The League Unlimited Orchestra
    35. Baby I Can’t Stop – Aeroplane Mix – Solale & Lindstrom
    36. The Things That Dreams Are Made Of – The League Unlimited Orchestra
    37. Shine A Light – Flight Facilities Remix – The C90s
    38. Don’t Turn Away (From My Love) – Lovelock
    39. Kissing – Bliss
    40. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    41. Easy To Love – La Homage Rodeo Drive Ride Edit – Leo Sayer
    42. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 08 Minutes 24 Seconds
    * performed live

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    A word about next week:
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    But it will be a Sunday Soul Unlimited, and that means if you live anywhere near Vancouver you will be able to attend.
    I will post up the announcement later today, or possibly tomorrow and let you know everything I can.
    Stay close. I’d love to see you dance!

    Thank you for listening. See you next week!

  4. Barbara Franklin:

    Incredible set I can hardly wait for next week – the stories your sets tell are truly inspiring and have reignited my passion for this genre Thank you again for doing what you do and sharing your talent with the world you are truly very much appreciated

  5. Ocean's Edge:

    Sunday Soul is my love song of angels ♥ Thank you for another beautiful night of music and thought, Sunshine :)

  6. Tracie Acreman:

    *biighuug* thank you : )

  7. Silent Sister:

    *hug N wink* no it’s YOU! :D ♥ XOXO thank you…..for being brave enough to be unfolding the dream of your life…and for sailing in every direction to find out. Your journal is amazing!!!! Your courage is priceless, your work is inspiring.

  8. Silent Sister:

    the flyer is genius

  9. Jeneva:

    I can hear it!

  10. Kyla:


  11. Ashley O'Hara:

    beautiful… just like you

  12. Rebecca Vann:

    equally angelic on a Saturday morning ♥

  13. Rebecca Vann:

    @ 2:20….dirty little angel :) love love love it