Sunday Soul – all i want is to love you in this moment – November 29th 2009

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  1. sunday soul is live now!

    Join us!

  2. four hours and thirty one minutes later we are all done for this week. thank you for listening.

    good night!

  3. Whoah mama, last night’s transmission was completely amazing… Took me by surprise, as has this whole weekend. Hot on the heels of heartbreak, a beautiful holiday with my family, friends, ex girlfriend, and her mother, a day of feeling like a lightbulb someone had thoughtlessly chucked on the ground, followed by a gathering of beautiful friends, a fine meal, not one, but two seriously sick disco outings, and a morning spent staring out the window I stepped up to my decks and combined vinyl, a handful of Cd’s and a pile of digital files and a huge glass of water and I began…

    As usual, when I plan a set to support a friend, or express my deepest feelings for the queen of my heart, she is nowhere to be found when it’s time to sing sweetly to her. I ain’t lucky at cards either, but baby my blessings are not lost on me. Still, I admit I began all this madness with some degree of reluctance, no, resignation. Was this gonna be a sad show? Was it going to be some sort of monument to things which have already turned to dust? I really wasn’t feeling nostalgic, or particularly down, rather I was feeling free, calm, and blank — ready and willing.

    And so the music just flowed, and completely took me by surprise. Attendance was epic, and the support was beautiful. I did manage to surprise myself a couple times by reaching for records and mixing them in without thinking. I also stuck up for myself. Got no trouble doing that. But the best part was when I spotted to guys outside my building… it looked like one of them was trying to take the other’s pants off. I dropped the mic out the window and added delay. Soon two more guys arrived and I expected them to help, but soon all four of them were rolling around in the middle of the street moaning, tugging at one another’s clothes and trying to have a foursome in public. Eventually the cops arrived and all six of them talked things over. The cops left, the guys all sat down on the steps of the school across the street from my house. Two of the guys left, and then the original couple began to kiss, and ended up doing it right there on the steps. Magical and amazing. It’s all on the archive, recorded in dubbed out, obfuscated madness for you to find. My gift to you baby.

    In the chat, between us, we all raised our hands and admitted to having “done it” during one sunday soul or another after D said she had to go — I hate it when people say goodbye to the DJ during my set, so I said “Stay!” — D explained “But I have a naked man in my bed” and we all encouraged her to keep the connection and get it on while we were grooving. I don’t actually know the details, but they didn’t drop out of the chat, and about an hour later she was back chatting again. This opened the flood gates of love and lust, heat and light, and I swear to god I feel like I made love with all my friends at once last night.

    Madness I tell you. Far better than the monument to dust I might have foundered around with had I been left to my own devices… So thank you. Bless your sweet hearts, swaying hips, dancing feet and smiling, horny, silly faces. Oh my stars I love you so!

    Here is the tracklisting for Sunday Soul – all i want is to love you in this moment

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Huub Sand – DPlay
    * I’m just waiting for my mind to arrive
    3. Simple Things – Work It Out – Todd Terje Version – Shit Robot
    4. Original Highway Delight – MJS Mix – LSB
    * leave me alone, let me dance, let go…
    5. Let it Happen – Beatfanatic Belearic Boogie Remix – Vangelis bw Turelli
    6. Lip Them – One Auff
    7. Higher – Extended Mix – Dj Pippi, Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro
    8. Pryda – Rymd – Pryda
    9. Love On The Line – Art of Tones Photon Dub – Crazy P
    10. Funkatarium – Jump (Thanks for reminding me Thomas!)
    11. The Feeling – Sugar
    * be sweet with my heart and the whole world opens, it rises and shines, and my body is yours
    12. Take me to the river – The Noodleman Chopstick Dub – Talking Heads
    13. So̱ando Contigo РSunshine Jones Extended Remix РKiko Navarro
    14. Hazel – Ewan Pearson House Dub – Junior Boys
    15. Oasis – Gavin Russom Remix – Petar Dundov
    16. NYC Beat – Emperor Machine Dub – Armand Van Helden
    17. The Trick – HG Remix – Panthers
    * Take all the time you need…
    18. Witzkraft – Satoshi Fumi Remix – Stefanowitz
    * Who are you? What do you like? What drives you fucking wild? And why don’t you know?
    19. Power Through Part III – Kai Alc’e
    20. Loving Back – Dub Mix – David Panda
    21. Star Kissed – K Scope
    * All this talk of dropping boundaries, abandoning our conditioning, and meeting me at the bonfire may be beautiful, but it’s just a different set of conditions. And so there’s no difference between us really. Sad but true, the only thing left to do is stop talking and start moving to the rhythm of your heartbeat.
    22. Lover Girl – Sunshine’s Instrumental Version – Teena Marie
    23. Baby I Can’t Stop – Aeroplane Mix – Solale & Lindstrom
    24. The Sea And The Sky – Padded Cell Remix – Future Loop Foundation
    25. Holding You – Ame Mix – Wahoo
    26. Taste of Snow – Add to Basket Remix – Bjork
    27. Better Day – Salt City Orchestra Remix – Presence
    28. Hypnogogia – Dynamachine
    29. Saffron Dreams – Prem Joshua
    * I just want to love you in this moment
    30. Cause I know – sunshine jones rework – The Groovers
    31. City Shell (Valentin H Remix) – Salt Sweet
    32. Conchord – Manuel Tur & Dplay
    33. Keep Believin’ – Tensnake
    34. Sound In A Dark Room – Telefon Tel Aviv
    35. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    36. Carry On, Turn Me On – Space
    37. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time – 04 Hours 28 Minutes 34 Seconds
    * performed live

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