Sunday Soul: A Belated Blooming


February 24th 2008
Broadcasting at 10pm Eastern Time
and again at 10pm Pacific Time

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One Comment

  1. Tonight’s program was interesting.

    I’d been thinking about time lapse photography and longing for spring, feeling ready for warm sun and bursting flowers. My cousin and I were doing some film frame rate tests for a video he’s directing of my song ‘We Are Free,’ where we film and lip sync the words at an alarmingly fast rate. Then you play the film back at the correct frame rate, and sync the actual music to it and the results are stunning, strange, and beautiful.

    I may not be the best DJ in the world, I’m certainly not the best singer in the world, but one thing I have is patience. I love the bloom of life, the flow of bass frequencies intwined in the lower registers of sound pulsing in my speakers, the flowering of my heart, and the clarification of my head while I dance. I feel that now more than ever we can say what it is we have to say without speed, or hype… to challenge ourselves with more difficult things, slower, more personal, and use the force of a heartbeat or a the blinking of a diode on the outer ring of a satellite orbiting a distant planet which perhaps most people never discover. We’ve all got our own path. I’m delighted and amazed every day that mine has entwined with yours.

    I am a late bloomer. And yes (he said with a sigh and a little bit of an eye roll) everything has it’s place and time, so no one is ever really late. I just have to wonder sometimes when I find myself so surprised, and delighted because I got such an early start.

    Here’s the track listing for Sunday Soul: A Belated Blooming…

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Trying My New Wings – Miika Kuisma
    3. You’re Not The Only One – Aya
    4. KOKI – Micra
    5. Chocolate – Subsky Bitter Mix – Cbass
    6. Can you Feel It – Masi and Mello Mix – Mr. Fingers
    7. My Reflection – Deetron Remix – Osunlade
    8. Minion – Instrumental Mix – Shik Stylko
    9. Modified – Unreleased Mix – Reverse Logic
    10. I Feel Space – Lindstrom
    11. The Punisher – Zen-Kei
    12. Move Your Funk – Koom.H
    13. I Go Now – Awaaz Remix – Hebegebe & Vernell de Long
    14. Burnin Love – Hanna’s Fashion Remix – Fresh & Low
    15. Late Nite – I-5 Mix – Projectons
    16. Bloom Doudouk – Lanoiraude
    17. 2M/6FT – Simone Fedi
    18. Reverso 68 – Todd Terje Spinning Star Mix – Reverso 68
    19. Delayed Sound – Eddu Reig
    20. Heaven Is A Disco – Peter Visti
    21. Late Bloomers – Guy Gerber
    22. Omega – Hiroshi Watanabe
    23. The Absurdity of Possession – Sunshine Jones
    24. I’m In Love – Rafa’s Instrumental – Studio Apartment
    25. Deviate – Manuel Tur & Dplay
    26. 27 Holton – Marcel Wave
    27. Disco Rout – Deetron Remix – Legowelt
    28. I Never Thought – Musk Man Remix – Sade
    29. The Things You do – Vocal Mix – Lil Devious
    30. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    31. Broken English – Marianne Faithfull
    32. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03:02’43

    The archive is loading now, and will be in the footer of this bulletin board in about an hour.

    See you next week.