Sunday Soul: 128 : June 1st 2008

Join me for the last in a series of numerical explorations from 112 to 128
We dive into something more minimal, stripped back, with energy and lust.

To listen
Head over to at 10pm pacific time and click the big huge play button. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to get fancy and stream the show through iTunes or some other audio player please follow the directions on the index page at and hook it up.

Oh yes. We love to gather and get together in the chat during Sunday Soul.
Register with the 90hz forum and then simply click the “chat” link, or click the big “join us” button from the front page over at and you’re in.

Join us!


  1. sunday soul is live now

  2. all done for tonight
    the end of our numerical explorations.

    See you next week for a taste of the old country…


  3. Well that was a trip.
    I have to say that especially after this past week of playing and hanging out in Florida I might have expected my response, internally, to be a bit more receptive to this tempo. But after the epic night on Friday in Gainesville where we started up around ten and carried on well into the next day, as I played my favorite music, singing and dancing, leaping into the pool between mixes, and getting my head and my heart together that 128 just feels like it might as well have been a million.
    I can objectively appreciate the pace, the energy of harder and faster… and what’s really scary is that I can totally see how the longer you listen like this… the more it begins to sound “normal.”
    But here, in the light of monday, I am so grateful to have completed this numerical journey and and entirely ready to return to my beloved Bellé Âme Électronique starting next sunday.
    I won’t make a speech about tempo here, this journey has opened my eyes, and my mind a little more. I am grateful for that, and now smiling and liberated, I am heading for home.

    Here is the tracklisting for Sunday Soul: 128

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. After Midnight (Greg Wilson Remix) – Ilija Rudman – Love Is War
    3. Raise The Roof – James Flavour – Dirt Crew
    4. Original – Phonique – Moodmusic Records
    5. Come With Me – Billy Dalessandro – Resopal Red
    6. O-Yah – Juan Diaz Remix – Kiko Navarro – Swank Recordings
    7. Get Live Tonight – Palm Skin Productions – Freerange Records
    8. Electrikiss – K Scope
    9. Primitive Future Remixes (Jasks Thaisoul Reloaded Re-Edit) – Julius Papp
    10. Shingaling – Rainer Weichold Remix -Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas
    11. Minion – Instrumental Mix – Shik Stylko – Freerange Records
    12. Jinzou – Manuel Tur Remix – Sei A
    13. Whacha gonna do – Claude Monet & Torre Main Mix – Teddy Douglas
    14. Soultrippin’ – Duel’s Jubilee Remix Extended – Duel, Gasper – Foundation Records
    15. Twilight – Martinez – Audiomatique Recordings
    16. You Don’t Know – Soda Inc. – Klik Records
    17. Who Dares – Jask Edit – Believers
    18. Traffic – The Lagos Nagano Players Association – Ibadan Records
    19. Milk – Dusty Kid – Systematic
    20. Nothing But love- vocal mix – Onionz feat. Snow
    21. Yuki – Hideo Kobayashi
    22. Hi Murda (LP Edit) – Agnes – Resopal Red
    23. Neverland – Soul T – Exquisite Music
    24. Blank – Joris Voorn – Green
    25. Woman – House Dub – The Square Egg – Deepness Music
    26. Faith – NY Mix – Echologist
    27. I Like It Like That (Aaron Jerome Remix) – Pete Rodriguez
    28. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    29. All of my love – Led Zeppelin
    30. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 2 hours 38 minutes 10 seconds
    I sang a little, much less than usual. Nothing to write home about.

    The archive is loading now to the footer of the message board at Treehouse Muzique and it’ll be up for a week, or until another archive replaces it.
    You can listen, and/or download the mp3 and enjoy it on your iPod, in your car on the way to work, or wherever 128 bpm seems required.

    Thank you for this journey through tempo and sound. See you next week.