Sunday Soul: 124: May 18th 2008

sunday soul 124

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now

  2. all done for tonight.

    what fun!

    See you next week.

  3. Last night’s transmission was beautiful and surprising. After a pretty difficult week and then a wonderful weekend, I opened up my mind to this faster tempo… I’ve been living in the world of 115 – 120 bpm for a couple years now and really thriving in the space between. So 124 felt like a bit of a monolith to me. I spent a few hours listening to music in the morning, playing with tempo and considering this old familiar feeling of something faster and more urgent than what I’ve grown entirely used to and totally into.

    Attendance was great, and people were there in the chat to get together. Like last week, there more assertive tempos seem to flow along and keep people both engaged in the music, as well as making them dance perhaps in such a different way that the conversation changes, and the feeling is quite different too. Mixing is easier at faster tempos, but as usual I insist on juxtaposing things which might not normally go together — like a digital file of a techno track with unbearable swing into a very old piece of vinyl with live drums on it — but that’s my thing, and it’s content over excellence with technique in my heart, so that’s what comes through.

    I think I sang a little too much this week, or rather possibly might have avoided attempting ‘Nothing is impossible’ live… but that’s what Sunday Soul is all about… take a risk, push at it, elaborate on it, and welcome the feelings as they arrive, no matter what they turn out to be.

    Here is the tracklisting from Sunday Soul: 124

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Deep City – Junior Lopez – DeepClass Records
    * welcome
    3. Modified – Unreleased Mix – Reverse Logic – K Scope
    * heal your head – heal your heart
    5. Go all night – Vocal – DubLevel
    6. Haldo – New Mondo E-Buzz Mix – Maceio – Transport Recordings
    * how does it feel now?
    7. Turn U Back feat. Judy Albanese – Instrumental Mix – Pete Moss – Recline Records
    8. Mundo Estatico – Satine Collectif – Acid Milk Recordings
    9. Omega – Hiroshi Watanabe – Klik Records
    10. Feel – Vocal Mix – Zaki – NRK
    11. 27 Holton – Marcel Wave – Freerange Records
    12. Close Enough – Jask’s Thaisoul Vocal – Chuck Love – Vino Recordings
    13. Voyager – The Cofee Kids – Illegal Beats
    14. I Take You Out To Space – 2007 Mix – The Mulder – Plastic City
    * ain’t nothin’ wrong
    15. * The sky is full of stars… – Sunshine Jones
    16. Force of Nature – Buck Remix – SubLevel
    17. * Nothing is impossible – Dubtribe Sound System
    18. jacuzzi games – Loco Dice
    19. An English ’93 – International Music System
    20. Pa El Bemb̩ РRalf Gum & CrisP Mix РRaw Artistic Soul
    21. Be Yourself – Memet – Ambiosphere Recordings
    22. Into The Sunrise – Ricanstruction Mix – Ananda Project
    23. Twilight- Martinez – Audiomatique Recordings
    24. Transitions – Dennis Ferrer
    25. Frankfurt – Pryda
    * Start swingin’
    26. Give Me Love – Coburn
    27. Sensation – Robert Burian – Onethirty Recordings
    * yeah, yeah, we know…
    28. I’m Not Afraid of The Future – Jimpster Remix – Akabu – Z Records
    29. Siempre – Jimpster Remix – Kiko Navarro
    30. LA Transit – SubLevel
    31. Blue Monday – New Order
    32. Les Violons Ivres – Agoria – Different
    33. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    34. You’re Not the Only One – Aya
    35. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total running Time: 3′ 23 minutes 50 seconds
    * Live performance/vocals

    And for those who remained after the end, I played on…
    Yes I did.
    I wasn’t ready to go home, but dang was I done with 124… so I asked if anyone wanted a couple more and the response was a resounding “Fuck yeah” so I played another hour or so. Starting out at a wholesome and beautiful 113 with Woolfy, and took it up to the questionably up-tempo 118 and played a few live songs, and brought it home to where the heart is with Rena Jones and kissed everyone good night.

    Lot’s of love tonight. Most welcome. Beautiful.

    A note about next week:
    I am going to continnue my escilation toward 130 in this numerical exploration. I need to. Gotta open my mind to the real world and what seems to make more ordinary people dance. But next sunday I’ll be in Tampa playing at the Sunday Sermon with Jask. The plan right now is to broadcast the night, or at least my set from start to finish. I’ll resume my extrapolation on tempo week after next with 128.

    The archive is loaded up now at the bottom of the bulletin board of Treehouse Muzique for your pleasure. You can listen, download it, send a little donation to help make sure Sunday Soul is always here, and always free, and enjoy.

    Also, please check out my new project and its progress:
    We need you baby.

    Thank you for listening.