Sunday Soul: 112 : April 27th 2008

The first in a series of explorations by number, tempo and frequency, time and space…


  1. Sunday Soul is live now

  2. the pacific broadcast is live now.

    Join us!

  3. all done for tonight!

    thank you for listening.

  4. Well what a wonderful sunday soul that was! I began with the intention of keeping to the numbers…. 112 was the tempo for the evening, and I was really surprised by how difficult it was to select, and to mix at such a slow tempo. Some transitions were more abrupt than I had hoped, while others completely surprised me. Some tracks were beautiful at -16 and a couple of them I’d fully expected to be just right sounded a little chipmunkish to me. It’s not a big leap from 120 to 112, but it’s bigger than I initially thought. The community was superb in the chat, listenership jumped up nicely here and there, but overall it was a family only night. I experimented a bit with vocals and re editing n the fly and wrote a couple of new songs, one of which was an instant hit. Everyone cheered me on, and it really felt good. I love it when a personal challenge becomes an inspiration and we all get caught up in the moment.

    Here is the tracklisting for Sunday Soul: 112

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Two Thousand One – Touane Remix – Bring Back the Buffalo
    3. Slow and Low – Bits Beats and Breaks
    4. Nowhere – Crazy Penis Heatwave Mix – Aquanote
    5. High Scenes – Tennishero
    6. Broken English – Marianne Faithfull – Island
    7. Higher (Extended Mix) – Kiko Navarro
    8. Yuki – Hideo Kobayashi
    9. In so deep – Jimpster
    10. Damn Flu – APT Beats – Mudd
    11. Reflections – Original Mix – Reflection Border
    12. The Secret Field – Todd Tejre Remix – Kaoru Inoue
    13. Bloom Doudouk – Original Mix – Lanoiraude – Dialect Recordings
    14. Fragment – Galaxy – Electric Universe Records
    15. Auf dem Hof – Kalabrese
    16. City Of Lights – Raiders of the Lost Arp – Nature Recordings
    17. What Now? – Aloe Blacc
    18. Momwack – Steve Bug
    19. Higher – Sunshine Jones – Treehouse Muzique
    20. Can I Have It? – Florian Kruse – Heya Hifi
    21. Sweet Love – Sunshine’s Stripped Mix – Melou
    22. I got your back – Sunshine Jones
    23. Au Reve – Tennishero
    24. Woman – House Dub – The Square Egg – Deepness Music
    25. The Warehouse – Project Sandro Remix – Woolfy
    26. The absurdity of possesion – Sunshine Jones *
    27. Low in the city – Low Motion Disco
    28. Bad Pulse – Padded Cell Remix – Sly Mongoose
    29. I, I, I – The Osmonds (thanks Jeno!)
    30. The Return Of Starlight – Woolfy – Permanent Vacation
    31. Planetarium – Chymera – Ork Recordings
    32. Lindstrom – Smalltown Supersound
    33. Tread Lightly – Process
    34. Sunset Days – Statedlife
    35. You Should Wake Up Slowly (With a Little Light) – Touane
    36. Hammond Song – Colourfield
    37. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    38. I Cant Tell You Why – Eagles
    39. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    * Pacific Broadcast Only – Not included in the archive
    Total Running Time: 3:03 (unplanned time, but very cool)

    the archive is uploading now to the base boards of the bulletin section of treehouse muzique and will rest there for your pleasure for a week.


  5. hi sunshine,

    I was thinking tonight that you might be a prophet. well, I think it’s fair to say.

    pps I will do my part, I do believe

    especially when I hear you slow down that record from 112 i.e. April 12 going on two hours and thirty minutes. that’s a song I heard on a mix by lauren garniet at the end in london but he played the song in a way that didn’t take advantage of the groove the way your mix does.

    see you in june–

    send us an e-mail if I can help with anything.

    love, John MacNeil

  6. finding a common thread among people is what I believe we have to work for, and the fact that sunshine can establish this bond just by pure human nature, that is, his own human nature (soul), makes me believe that human beings are not inherently selfish and greedy.

    I think sunshine is a prophet because he can communicate love. and the man does it

    but I would love to hear some feedback on this:

    let me put it this way: the Chinese government suppresses dissent and is only interested in positive publicity. The folks who live in Tibet hate the Chinese because no one wants to be colonized.


    so I think the Chinese regime should be rewarded for taking the necessary steps to prevent the world from imploding on the strict basis of population growth.

    The population of Haiti has grown exponentially over the past three decades.


    Sorry about the emphasis but I do believe that the Chinese cats deserve much respect for being selfless–I mean it must be a pain in the neck to find yourself in a situation where there are more males than females. Actually I have no idea.

  7. Well… perhaps tapping into something which has been left behind. Something missing. Prophet-like in terms of how my work can be taken, but certainly… to be sure… i am no prophet.

    I’m just a weirdo music lover who writes, takes photos, loves to dance, and connect with things which are not always obviously in front of our faces.

  8. yeah man–

    thanks for the feedback. I was trying to stretch my mind while holding your human nature constant. but the fact is that is not fair. in other words it is only natural that we should idealize certain ways of being, but to put a label on a person isn’t really what I wanted.

    sunshine cut me slack I’m just 33–

    I would like to think that we could make the difference. I mean, that’s why I try to spread the proper vibe the way you demonstrate.

    sorry about all the caps but I was just venting! love, john

  9. sunshine, i am happy to hear that you will be playing music with doc martin in early june in washington, dc.

    if it works out I think we would have a good chat together.

    i could host a 7pm get together in columbia heights–prior to the dance party–because the porch is where people get to chill.

    love, john macneil

  10. I’m not sure of my travel plans right now. but I’ll keep you posted.
    Looking forward to Buzz with Doc in DC.