Stereophonic Pop-Up Stereo Shop!


Stereophonic Pop-Up Shop
December 7th
at Vinyl Dreams
Haight and Steiner in San Francisco

Have you been wanting a stereo for a long time? Then you see all this junk at thrift shops and in marketplace and you’re fascinated, but it seems kind of expensive, or dirty, and there’s no way to know if it works (or even how to hook it up)? has got you:
Lead by my friend Bijan, STEREOPHONIC have spent the last year digging through that funky stuff so you don’t have to.
Receivers, amps, turntables, speakers and more.
5 complete systems additional components, lots of speakers (a pair Bijan made himself that sound amazing) with a take it home with you price point of $200 for a whole system. Dude.

Come ask your questions, let Stereophonic show you how to connect things, get a handy hookup guide (designed by me!) and play a record, learn to handle records, all about speaker wire, Bluetooth so you can still use your phone, and just hang out and have some fun with us!

Thursday December 7th from 3 to 7pm with a pair of Klipsch K-Horns and some great tunes in the back of the lower Haight’s best dance record shop in the world.

See you there!