Roland SYS-500 Updated Patch Sheet

This morning I thought I’d make an effort to break from my usual modular habits and take a closer look at the Roland System 500 patch examples. I love the system 500. While it’s definitely eurorack format, and each module is a separate module which can be included in any rack, how I experience it is as a proper analog synthesizer. When they are all assembled together in a case without distractions, the System 500 is, in no uncertain terms, the modern analog synthesizer that we’ve been asking for from Roland for twenty years.

Going through the patch book, I hate to admit it, but I was not particularly inspired. Searching for more examples to study, I virtually found nothing. So I turned to the System 500 face-page group and posted the available patch sheet and asked how the other members of the group felt about it. People seem to feel the same.

So I’ve created an updated patch sheet for other users to annotate and mark their favorite patches. I’m distributing it not only for free and open use, but also because I’d like to assemble a diverse patch book collected from System 500 lovers and make it available (for free of course.)

My ideas begin with using the Sys-500 as a base. I have set up a single oscillator SH-101 style instrument, an SH-2 style dual oscillator instrument, a TB-303 style synth, filter based tuned percussion, and solid kick drums. These will be included in the patch book.


If you’re game, download this sheet, print a few out and mark them up.
Send them to me, or join the face-page group and share them there and we’ll all try them out.
The result, I hope, will be an interesting study for anyone interested in taking the System 500 further than the current set of ideas presented.


  1. Craig Joshua Cousins:

    Dear Sunshine,
    I have documented a patch for the Roland System 500 and, following your call to action, I would like to forward it to you. The patch info is scanned and ready to send as a pdf file for your consideration.

    I’m not an active user of Facebook but I do use Instagram.

    Please advise.

    Kind regards,


  2. Sunshine:

    @Craig – Awesome! Thank you. I’d love to try your patch(es) and include them in the patch book. Thank you. My email is accessible on the home page of this site – the “book me” link is an email link. Or you can send me a link to your pdf on instagram, or via facebook messenger. I look forward to it!

  3. Kent Sparling:

    Once again, Sunshine to the rescue! I’ve been waiting for YEARS for Roland to update their patch memo sheet to include the new modules. I have a great SYS500 system which I use all the time; I’ll certainly be sending some patches for you, but they might be a little more complex, because I have more than one of several of the modules. Again, thanks for all you do and the sunshine you bring! Stay safe and stay well!

    All the best from across the Bay,


  4. Sunshine:

    @Kent – Glad to help Kent! If you face-page, please join our System-500 group on Facebook. I’m currently collecting patches and testing presentation methods to try and put together an interesting patch book. All patches wanted!

  5. Thank you so much for creating this new patch sheet!