Roland JU-06A – The Missing Manual

PDF FORMAT – Version 0.01C – Blank Patch Notes Added – March 2021

At last, the missing manual for the Roland Boutique JU-06A. It isn’t much more than a reformat. I started doing these reworks because the first leaflet style manuals which arrived with my Roland Boutique synths were too small to read, and so abbreviated that I was left feeling a little underwhelmed. I wanted more. So I learned more, and tried a bunch of things and eventually took my notebooks and turned them into the missing manuals for these lovely little things. That said, the JU-06A is a wonderful replica of the Juno-60 and the Juno-106 synthesizer engine. Use this manual to learn your way around, and then touch the knobs and sliders and listen to it. Learn with your hands and your ears. The only way to do it wrong is not to do it at all.

I hope they open a world for you, and guide you through the features, and serves you as a reference guide for things you forget, or wonder about.

PLAY LIVE! Join me.

Sunshine Jones
August 2nd 2020
San Francisco, California


  1. Eduardo:

    Thanx in advance for this

  2. Thomas Theriault:


  3. Chris Rotter:

    Thank you LEGEND

  4. Sunshine:

    Revision 0.01B is now loaded to correct my customary typos, and editorial is added to embellish the experience.

  5. Mike Latigid Addis:

    Thank you Sunshine!

  6. Steve Zumone:

    What do you think of the “a”? I have the JU-06, Am I missing out?

  7. @Steve Zunmore – I have both. I initially got the A because of the arpeggiator, and it’s overall look and feel is much nicer than the 06. I was planning to sell the 06.
    I ended up keeping both because I didn’t want to break up the original set of the first three.
    The A on the 106 side sounds very much like the 06. The 60 side is brilliant and goes places the 06 can’t.
    Still only 4 voices, but together they have 8 if you’re thoughtful about how you play.
    And patches from the 06 can be more or less ported into the A, but why? It’s not a complicated synth, and it’s fun to program.
    My only complaint about the A is that the external clock input doesn’t clock the arpeggiator. That’s been a regular disappointment for me. Something I do a lot of and would have made it just about perfect.

  8. Steve Zumone:

    @Sunshine – That seems like a major oversight… how can the arp not be synced to the input? Does it sync to midi?

  9. @Steve Zumone – Yes, you can sync the arp to the midi clock no sweat.
    That’s just not what I like to do with my external clock input and an arpeggiator. I like more creative relationships than midi clock.

  10. Alland Byallo:

    Speaking of missing, it’s missing 2 voices!
    I doooo love your manuals, though
    : )

  11. @Alland Byallo – Alas…and alack! 6 voices and 25% bigger would have been amazing. It’s true.

  12. Mister P:

    Many thanks Jones

  13. John Topley:

    Outstanding as always!
    Thank you!
    You’re the best.

  14. Delayed Pleasure:

    That’s amazing!
    Thank you for doing this, your hard work is very much appreciated!

  15. Dr. Roland:


  16. autoy:

    Labour of love <3

  17. stinkin mink:

    Was it hard to create the panel illustrations? I’ve been thinking of the SH-101 patch sheets I print out are a bit scratchy on xerox.

  18. @stinkin_mink – I draw them by hand and then add the type in photoshop.
    Takes my mind off the madness and brings me peace.

  19. Wheelsounds:

    Might push me over the edge and get one!

  20. mythical fishandchip:

    Appreciate it!
    Love your other manuals too

  21. stinkin_mink:

    @Sunshine – nicely done.
    I think the TR-909 manual used to do my head in when trying to read closely in English. I think the Roland translator could have done with some more assistance.

  22. empath4000:

    Excellent! This will be helpful.

  23. 0yenstikker:

    Thank you <3 <3

  24. rithma1:

    You always give me the GAS

  25. @rithma1 – But I thought I was giving you a manual!?

  26. scotthalmos:

    It’s so cool you’ve made these much need manuals!!! Thank you sunshine!!

  27. Computer Controlled:

    And Roland still hasn’t gotten the hint to hire you to write their manuals. They obviously can’t do it proper themselves.

    Also, this made the Google News on my phone ?

  28. Sunshine:

    @Computer Controlled – Roland aren’t even returning my emails these days. I doubt they’ll be knocking on my door any time soon (or ever again.)
    Doesn’t matter, I don’t do this for Roland. I do it for you. I do it for love.

  29. Thank you! Awesome, you´re a true friend to the human race. Thank´s for all your hard work, and it looks so good to = )

  30. Lawrence:

    thank you! Legend

  31. WILXL:

    that Sunshine love that keeps giving…thank you brother!