REAL TIME – Sunshine Jones with Polk & Hyde – June 15th 2012 San Francisco

I’m not quite sure what I’ve gotten myself into here. But Jonah Sharp (of Space Time Continuum) asked me to come down to the 222 sometime and do a live set with him and EO (Polk & Hyde.)

So I went down to check it out. It was amazing. I can’t really believe that I had forgotten just how magical little boxes can be. It was so fun. Then Jonah came down to my gig last sunday at Dub Mission and he had a blast. I had singers, and a violinist and it was beautiful.

So this is happening. It’s on.

Friday June 15th 2012 I am going to show up and perform a completely improvisational live electronic set. I am planning to invite friends down to sing, and perform with me. We’ll see who chickens out and who actually shows up. I think this will be really good for all of us. Come out and support live electronic music. Let’s get down on the fly with nothing in our pockets for protection.


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  1. Colin:

    Oh wow! I love you. I love Jonah. I love 222. So excited to hear about this!