Jupiter-6 Patch Sheet

I love my Jupiter-6. It’s amazing. The manual doesn’t illustrate any of the factory patches like the Jupiter-8 or Jupiter-4. The whole patch examples thing seems to have disappeared at about the same time as modern patch memory storage became standard. It’s cool to be able to save our sounds, but it’s actually much cooler to be able to know our way around a synthesizer.
Patch examples are a great way to learn a synth.

People seem to cry about the Jupiter-6. It seems like they’re upset that it’s not a Jupiter-8. It’s not a Jupiter-8, and it’s not a Jupiter-4 either. It’s a Jupiter-6.

Here is a blank patch sheet for the unsung hero of the Jupiter family of synthesizers.

DOWNLOAD Roland Jupiter-6 Patch Sheet
PDF Format Document 8.5 x 11 Format | 1MB File

DOWNLOAD Jupiter-6 Factory Patch WAV File.
For installation instructions see this post
WAV Format | 91KB file


  1. tagew:

    Wonderful! Been looking for something like this! My Jupiter 6 had its memory wiped and the cassette interface seems to be broken, so manual it is!

  2. Sunshine:

    @tagew – there’s a link to the factory presets, and instructions for how to restore them in the post here.
    Lots of people have trouble with it. Maybe it’s not broken?

    * toes crossed *

  3. tagew:

    @Sunshine – I’ll give it a try again but I feel I’ve tried everything :-)

  4. Sunshine:

    @tagew – Never give up. It may be that you have an older firmware. I updated mine to the latest (burned the eproms myself) and that’s made loading wav files of patches, and saving them to WAV files much easier.

  5. meow_meao_meaux:

    I wish I could take 1% of the self oscillation the JP6 filter can do and give it to the JP8. Every other implementation of the IR3109 self oscillates, I’ve always wondered why they left that out of the 8. The J60 is at its best with its filter resonance riiight at the edge of self oscillation where it starts fizzing into harmonics and it’s a megabummer that the 8 can’t do that. And then there’s the JP6 that starts doing it halfway up the slider lol.

  6. Sunshine:

    @meow_meao_meaux – I actually really love that they are all so different.
    So much complaining that the Jupiter-6 isn’t a Jupiter-8. I’m so glad. It’s not a Jupiter-8, it’s a Jupiter-6 with a completely weirdo multi mode filter!