Jupiter-4 Owner’s Manual Replicant

I’ve taken the best version of the original Roland Jupiter-4 Owner’s Manual that I could find, and I’ve cleaned it up, re typed here and there, and cleaned up some of the terrible xerox style graphics a little to make cleaner lines and better notation, re photographed the cover, and found a way to professionally print it nicely on 50lb executive size recycled paper (10″ x 7″) with stapled binding. This run will be a single run, limited to 25 booklets.

At this posting 15 of them are spoken for, but I’m proceeding with the printing and if you’d like one you need to come find me on instagram (@sunshine_jones_) and let me know. It’s too small a run to make a fuss, so come message me and I’ll get you one. The run is not for profit. The cost is divided among those who want one, plus shipping and $1 for the envelope.

What’s different?
The original owner’s manual was one of Roland’s “sepia” prints. So rather than black and white (greyscale, like the TR-606 or TB-303 manual) it was “brownscale”. I wasn’t able to find this printing technique using the sustainable materials that I prefer. So this replicant manual is greyscale. I think that’s good, because it will be less likely anyone could try to pass it off as the original.

So if you’re looking for a printed version of the orginal JP-4 manual on lovely paper, made as nicely as we can today (from the limited sources available) then let me know and you could be one of the 10 more people on earth to get one of these.



These are all sold out.
Thank you!