Juno-60 Basic Patch Book

This is a patch book for the Roland Juno-60. It was created using the blank patch example in the Juno-60 manual.
The first section is an illustration of the original factory patches and their settings.

The second section is the factory patches from the Juno-6. These are also taken from the original owner’s manual to be compiled here.

While following these will not actually provide us with the exact factory patched (curiously) they will provide a superb education in how to create patches with the Juno.
They will also work in much the same way with a Juno-6, Juno-106, JU-06 and JU-06A.

DOWNLOAD Roland Juno-60 Patch Book
Version 0.1A
PDF Format Document 8.5 x 11 Format | 21MB File

This document was produced with love, and will always be completely free of charge.
Learn all you can. Make music. Play live!


Sunshine Jones
San Francisco 2021
Version 0.1A


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