Higher and higher

higher-cover.jpgI spent the last couple of days in my studio drumming, bass playing, and singing. Working on songs which don’t loop. At least not in the sense that I play a couple of measures and loop them over and over. Repetition is still a huge piece of why music makes me dance, but this business of playing through a composition without stopping, making several passes, layering, adding texture, and accents as they come to me, and then considering the results to be not only the work itself, but also a resource for re editing, re mixing and further exploration has been very interesting. Artistically it’s as if there are several voices within me aching to come out, and I am embracing them all, becoming my own source material, and loving every minute of it.


  1. That was beautiful. I always love how you use pauses and gaps to build tension. You seem to always know that perfect amount of time to let a musical idea linger in the air.

    I also love how you resist the temptation to add excessive layers of sound, something that always eludes me in my own efforts. Your music, especially in this piece, is minimalist, but still striking and effective. You’re not throwing an encyclopedia of loops and effects at your audience. You’re a poet, Sunshine, and it’s always inspiring to hear your work.

  2. gino:

    beautiful track sunshine,

    thank you for shareing.

    i love the pad sound that sets the mood, goes
    very well with your vocal but my favorite is the
    live bass and percussion that gets me every time.


  3. Great track Sunshine. I particularly loved the minimalist deepness vibe !

  4. Great track Sunshine ! I really loved the minimal deepness vibe !

  5. Thanks guys!

    This track is available now for sale at Treehouse Muzique

    : )