Hallucienda – Sunshine Jones, DJ Three, Brian Busto – June 18th 2011

Saturday June 18th 2011
Record release party for the Heatmerchantz release on Hallucination Ltd.
Featuring the Heatmerchantz “the sun” and Sunshine Jones’ Rework

Sunshine Jones
Brian Busto
Jay Marley
Chris Mitchell

$10 cover at 10pm – more after 11:30
Please arrive early to ensure entry

Don Vicente Historic Inn Ybor
1915 Republica de Cuba (14th)
Tampa, Florida

One Comment

  1. Rico:

    I know from the Don V point of view it was an awesome night. Glad to have you back Sunshine, great things happen when you hold the mic. Big ups to B. Busto and company…held down the fort.

    R. Slade