Dragonette – Run Run Run – Sunshine Jones Remix

I delivered a remix today for the band Dragonette. It’s a condensed pop song about staying true to your “old town friends.” I walked around this one a few times before I got to what I was trying to say.

I delivered the vocal remix, an instrumental and a dub version to Neil at Punk Da Funk. We’ll see what happens next…

Meanwhile, enjoy…


  1. Christine Weiss:

    Love this Sunshine!! Can I download it somewhere?

  2. Sunshine:

    Not yet!

  3. Ryan:

    is this your vocal mix, or your dub mix? http://soundcloud.com/dragonette/run-run-run-sunshine-jones

  4. Sunshine:

    That is the straight up remix. So it’s the full vocal.
    Grab it for free!