… don’t forget

in the endless stream of thoughts, like little flecks of light dancing in the corner of my eye, feelings come… they rise, and subside… Every single bit of my heart is alive and awake in a dance. I never worry about how delicate I am, how easy it is to break the tender surface of my being… for if I lived in fear of all these pieces on the floor, surely I would never dance at all.

Let the sun warm your forehead, and the breeze kicked up by flip flops cool the hem of your hoop skirt, let the water splash, the words bite down, and the tears which follow melt away. She comes, and she goes, and which bureau she stumbles into next is nobody’s business but her own.

In these long shadows, this warm and tender roller coaster of summer, don’t forget to stretch your back, to raise your sweet hands up to heaven, and feel the stars fall down while you laugh.

Sasse – Berlin
you forgot…


  1. sares:

    speechless. one of the most beautiful things i have ever read.

  2. This is so exceptionally lovely. Enchantingly so. *exhales*