Do Ya? – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Out now in the Treehouse Muzique Shop!

DO YA? – Sunshine Jones Re Edit
Out Now in the Muzique Shop!

Track listing:
1. Do Ya? – Sunshine Jones Re Edit

the re edit of Do ya think I’m sexy? by Rod Stewart. intro created, pretty disco chorus extended, vocals reduced to create enough space to get lost and dance, a couple of fancy tricks here and there, and a filtered chorus fade down with a nice long drum beat outro so everyone can stop staring at you for even considering playing this beautiful disco-rock anthem from 1979.

2. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – Sunshine’s Original Rearrangement

The hasty beginning. Clocking in a few minutes earlier than the finished edit, this one doesn’t have an intro beat, it just loops at the start, and the whole song is intact, and in sequence, however the chorus does go on and on and on…

3. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – Re Syncopated Original Version

The original song adjust for playback at 118 bpm. Steady and somewhat reliable.

3 Tracks (2 at 320 kbps – 1 at 128 kbps.) Together in one glorious zipped archive for your pleasure!

Check out the preview and the wonderful photo of Sunshine on the cover: