Classique – September 12th 2009

last minute get together!

Sunshine Jones
Cosmic Jason
Ryan D

Together to break out the haceed and seriously beautiful classic bélle âme électronique

Saturday September 12th 2009
9pm – 2am
Space Gallery
1141 Polk Street, San Francisco

Show Up!

One Comment

  1. Josh Nelson:

    Stumbled back to Dubtribe SS through the Frequent Flyer Comp.”kingston.jamaica”. Raggatronique is fantastic. SS, I knew you back in the late 80s/early 90s era in San Francisco. You were nice enough to have me over one day when I was getting into production and mixing.

    Hey, great site, great music, great content! Glad to see you’re still doing it. Gonna try and make it tonight. Don’t think I’ve been out dancing in 10 years…