Barefoot in my head

Listening to this aural history of Ibiza has set my heart on fire. I can’t tell if it leaves me missing San Francisco more than the summer I spent on the Balearic Islands in 1989 or the other way around. But I’m aching inside for counter culture, momentum, freedom, and something that really feels like it’s mine. I’m really tired of “them,” and I’m really tired of “you.” I want to go home. I want to let go. I want to set my own soul ablaze with the love that can hardly speak anymore…

I think it’s brave and wonderful of Danny Rampling to have produced this documentary. It’s a little on the over the top UK announcer voice thing, but what’s really perfect is how much of the music we get to hear, and how the people who were there do the talking. That much of this documentary is precious, and wonderful. So little of our history has been captured, recorded, or documented in any way. I am so glad this was produced. Thank you.

Barefoot In The Head Part 1

Barefoot In The Head Part 2

You don’t have to sit here on this page and listen to the whole thing – I know how hard that is for some people – so it’s downloadable, and you can bring it with you on a journey of your own. Enjoy!