A Love Letter To The MMT-8

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up

Just a little love letter to the Alesis MMT-8 and some of the process of searching for a modern equivalent.
Directed by Martha Traer for MT Films.
© 2016 Treehouse Muzique/MT Films


  1. Benjamin B.:

    I follow you for info like this. Thanks for the cool video.

  2. Alesia Apodaca:

    Do you mean the Alesia MMT-8?

  3. Tee Cardaci:

    That was beautiful, brother. ♥

  4. Dan Earle:

    What’s the track Sunshine Jones?

  5. Omar Torres:

    The equivocal “I told you soo”. I think I owe my entire music career to the MMT-8

  6. Bradley Steven Katz:

    This is on my list, might be up next since my Beat Step Pro is full and I want more hardware sequencing

  7. Abe Emerson:

    That was incredible, bro!